1. What is the return policy?

    We provide 14 days money back guarantee. You can read more here: Terms Of Use

  2. Why buy at Peled Diamonds?

    Peled Diamonds LTD is a registered diamond dealer, manufacturer, importer and exporter. When you buy your diamonds through our online store you buy them directly from a liable and known company source of diamonds and save money spent on mediators. We provide our customers with a risk free shopping experience at wholesale prices. Please take the time to read more About Peled Diamonds

  3. Do you have a store where the diamonds are displayed?

    As diamond dealers and manufacturers, we do not have any retail stores. This is why we use state of the art equipment for photographing and 360 videos of the diamonds. Don't forget that the photos of the diamonds magnify them tens of times more than the magnifications used by the GIA to grade them.

  4. I have a diamond to sell, will you consider buying it?

    We appreciate you considering us to be a potential buyer for your diamonds. However, we purchase diamonds only from other registered diamond dealers and manufacturers. This helps us make sure that the origin of the diamonds is legitimate.

  5. I have a specific color of a colored diamond in mind that I can't seem to find on your website, can you find it for me?

    We would be happy to try. We have many more diamonds available offline and if we don't have a suitable diamond for you – we would do our best to find one for you.

  6. Do you also sell rings or mount the diamonds if requested?

    We offer readymade diamond rings, diamond engagement rings and other jewelry such as diamond tennis bracelets and pendants. However, when it comes to loose diamonds and colored diamonds that are displayed on our site you need to consider that if it is mounted then it is considered a custom order – thus cannot be returned. This is why we recommend getting loose diamonds at wholesale prices from us and mounting / setting it with any local professional jeweler. due to the fact that the price of a diamond engagement ring is comprised mainly by the price of the diamonds – it can easily save you up to 50%.

  7. What are the shipping costs?

    We offer free fully insured worldwide shipping.

  8. Where do you ship to?

    We ship to all over the world in compliance to the ability of the courier companies and customs regulations and limitations of various countries.

  9. Are there any additional fees such as handling fee charged by Peled Diamonds?

    No. We do not charge anything else. The prices are final – what you see is what you get.

  10. What about taxes / customs etc.?

    Peled Diamonds does not charge customs and is not liable for any type of customs / GST / VAT / etc that may apply. Some countries such as the USA do not have any custom fees and some like the UK and Canada add their local tax rate. As much as we would like to assist in this matter, due to the changes that may occur from time to time it is best to contact local courier such as FedEx and ask them if there is such fee may apply. If you wish, you can also start with us by emailing us at info@naturallycolored.com.

  11. What is the approximate shipping time?

    Once we have approval of the funds (which is immediate with PayPal payments and Credit Card payments) we prepare the diamonds to be shipped. The approximate time of delivery depends in the destination. Here are some examples - Most of Europe and North America: 3 business days. Australia about 4-5 business days. China 7-14 business days.

  12. How do you ship the diamonds?

    We use the services of all known diamond and jewelry courier companies such as Brinks, Malca-Amit, UPS and FedEx. All of them offer superb and fast shipping experience.