Natural Color Diamond Industry Association

The Natural Color Diamonds Industry Association is the world's highest authority on natural fancy colored diamonds.

The NCDIA is a non-profit, membership-based organization that includes some of the world’s most prominent rough diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, designers and retailers.

To conclude, The NCDIA is the world’s highest authority and knowledgebase for fancy colored diamonds. If you will review their website you can find there lots of information, articles and fancy color diamonds buying guides.

NCDIA's Colored Diamonds Buying Tips

Since it is not possible to learn all there is to learn about colored diamonds before you make the purchase, the NCDIA has recently issued "5 Buyers Quick Tips". We recommend to read the full article in their site but here is the summary:

  1. Color is More Important Than Size
  2. Learn About Natural Color Diamonds on
  3. Request to See a Report From a Major Gem Laboratory
  4. Know Your Budget
  5. Purchase From A Knowledgeable Jeweler

NCDIA's Opinion About Buying Color Diamonds for Investment

Natural Colored Diamonds have proven in recent years that they make quite an interesting investment. This has gotten to the point that even the NCDIA has issued a disclaimer on the matter:

Although there certainly is a history of appreciation for natural color diamond values, in no way does NCDIA endorse purchasing natural color diamonds as an investment

As diamond dealers and manufacturers, even though we are often contacted by privates for investment purposes (see an article in the NYPost), we completely agree with the NCDIA's opinion.

If you are still interested in buying diamonds for investment, please see our manifest about the risks involved in diamond investment and more particularly about investing in colored diamonds.