One of a kind Engagement Ring!

Personalized and unique engagement rings start with one of a kind diamond. Only 1 out of 10,000 carats that are mined can be defined as gem quality loose colored diamond. Being so rare they make the ultimate and ideal way to show your love to your loved one.

This is why colored diamond engagement rings are constantly on the rise. Here are a few guides and facts we recommend to begin with:

If You Fancy Yellow Diamonds...

As a result of their attractive pricing and strong fashionable impact, canary yellow diamonds are the most commonly known color for fancy diamonds. These two guides would be a great place to start:

Romantic? Thinking of Pink Diamonds?

Natural fancy pink diamonds are probably the most sought after diamonds that exist. They are extremely rare and priced accordingly. However, the gorgeous impact a relatively small pink diamond has on an engagement ring is priceless. There are a dozen ways to make these rare colored diamonds even more affordable than their white counterparts – simply by manipulating the pricing methodology. A great place to start is by reviewing our pink diamonds buying guide

Understanding Diamond Colors

Diamond Color is one of the most important attributes used to assess a diamond's value for colorless and colored diamonds alike. But what does it really mean? How are diamonds graded for color? What can affect the color and how to use it for our advantage in order to save money on our engagement ring? All of these questions and many others are answered inside our comprehensive guide: Diamond Color Chart - Beyond the D-Z Diamond Color Scale

Colored Diamonds in the News

Did you know that the most expensive diamond in the world is a colored diamond? (Spoiler: it's the hope diamond) Is there such a thing as Natural Colored Diamonds? What causes their color? Where do they come from? Did you know that a pink diamond was recently sold for $83 million? Check out everything that goes on in the colorful world of fancy color diamonds: