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When approaching to buy a diamond, any diamond - colored or regular, basic research is expected and recommended. After all, this rare combination of making a large investment along with the strong feelings that come with purchasing a gift that lasts a lifetime may be overwhelming.

The fact is that the diamond industry is quite complex. Much more complex than some might think. The huge selection and amount of information that flows through the web will get anyone confused.

At this section, our diamond buying guide, we have concentrated for you all that is needed to know prior to buying a diamond. We have also added lots of information that is relevant specifically to the colored diamonds industry.

The goal of this guide is simple - helping you choose the most suitable diamond (or diamonds) for your needs and save money during the process - a how to buy a diamond 101.

Buying Guides
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Please note that while we have tried to keep the guides as friendly as possible, we often used terms taken from the diamond industry. We therefore recommend that you’d also pay attention to our diamond education section which covers a lot of the basics while giving special attention and additional information related to colored diamonds.

Featured Buying Guides:

Buying Diamonds Online

The online market grows tremendously each year. Luxury goods sold over the internet show constant yearly growth. There are great advantages for buying diamonds online (some you probably don't even think of) but also great risks (again, some you probably didn't think of). Learn why and more important how to buy diamonds online safely.

7 Saving Tips for Buying Diamonds

The diamond industry works in mysterious ways. There are guidelines for pricing. If you harness these guidelines to your advantages you can, with minor adjustments, easily save 20-50% off the price of your diamond.

Don't buy cheap diamonds, be a smart buyer.

Investing in Diamonds

Over the past five years, due to the state of economy, the concept of alternative investments has grown tremendously and with it the niche of diamond investment. This guide brings out everything there is to know about investing in diamonds, the good and bad.

Investing in Colored Diamonds

If you through our diamond investment guide then you know by now that colored diamonds have their share of advantages when it comes to investing in diamonds. What are investment grade diamonds? How to choose a suitable colored diamond?

Are Colored Diamonds more Expensive?

It is common knowledge that natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and thus by far more expensive. This is also why you see them often on the red carpet or mounted on celebrity engagement rings.   WRONG!

While some colored diamonds are extremely expensive others, like yellow and champagne, are actually more affordable and provide an amazing alternative to the old fashioned classic diamonds. Read more inside.

Colored Diamonds Buying Guides:

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