Kobe and Vanessa Bryant 8 carat Purple Diamond Ring

April 16th, 2012 by Noam Flint


Unlike white colorless diamonds, fancy colored diamonds also make a fashion statement and thus are favored by celebrities and athletes.

On that note, purple diamond rings have made the news on several occasions but the most well known is the story of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. Actually, this story has made the news twice!

For those of you who don’t know, Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA’s leading basketball players and three times NBA championship winner. On November 1999 Kobe and Vanessa met and on April of 2001 the two have tied the knot.

Vanessa Bryant Purple Diamond Ring

Beautiful Vanessa Bryant Purple Diamond Ring

On July 2003 Kobe was officially charged with rape and about two weeks later, he presented his wife Vanessa with a rare 8 carat purple diamond ring that was reported to be valued at approximately 4 Million Dollars! In a similar event Jennifer Lopez had been proposed by Ben Affleck with a pink diamond engagement ring and suddenly the pink diamond demand rose. It appears that the same happened with this purple diamond ring.

The years have passed, kids were born, rumors about separation have come and gone but on December 2011 it became official. Vanessa Bryant had petitioned for divorce in Orange County. Weirdly enough, even though this time the subject at hand was not a happy one, the discussions around Vanessa’s 8 carat purple diamond ring once more what the public’s attention was focused on. And so was the demand for purple diamonds.

As we know for now, it seems that Vanessa will get to keep her ring – some memories are worth preserving.

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