22 Diamond Buying Guides - How to Pick The Right One?


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When approaching to buy a diamond, any diamond - colored or regular, basic research is expected and recommended. After all, this rare combination of making a large investment along with the strong feelings that come with purchasing a gift that lasts a lifetime may be overwhelming.

The fact is that the diamond industry is quite complex. Much more complex than some might think. The huge selection and amount of information that flows through the web will get anyone confused.

In this section, our diamond buying guide, we have concentrated for you all that is needed to know prior to buying a diamond. We have also added lots of information that is relevant specifically to the colored diamonds industry.

The goal of this guide is simple - helping you choose the most suitable diamond (or diamonds) for your needs and save money during the process - a how to buy a diamond 101.

22 Diamond Buying Guides - Everything You Need to Know!


Influence of Weight on Diamond Prices

7 Money Saving Tips for Buying Diamonds

The diamond industry works in mysterious ways. There are guidelines for pricing. If you harness these guidelines to your advantages you can, with minor adjustments, easily save 20-50% off the price of your diamond. Don't buy cheap diamonds, simply buy "smart diamonds".
2 Carat Diamond Ring

2 Carat Diamond Rings

Extremely desired, strong demand and astounding appearance. 2 Carat diamond rings are a real trophy. However, with prices that can easily surpass $50,000 – you need to know what you are buying (plus you can save up to 50% easily!). Learn more inside
2 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring

2 Carat Solitaire Diamond Rings

The most desired style for two carat diamond rings - the solitaire. What should you check before buying? How much should the setting cost? What types of solitaire rings are best suited for 2 carat diamonds? full article inside
Guide to Diamond Prices

Diamond Prices

How much does a 1 carat diamond cost? And a 2 carat diamond price? Full & current diamond price chart with practical explanation on getting the maximum diamond value in the minimum price
Buying Diamonds Online

Buying Diamonds Online

The online market grows tremendously each year. Luxury goods sold over the internet show constant yearly growth. There are great advantages for buying diamonds online (some you probably don't even think of) but also great risks (again, some you probably didn't think of). Learn why and more important how to buy diamonds online safely.
Diamond Investment

Diamond Investment

Since 2008, due to the state of economy, the concept of alternative investments has grown tremendously and with it the niche of diamond investment. This guide brings out everything there is to know about investing in diamonds, the good and bad.
Palladium VS Platinum & White Gold

Palladium VS Platinum & White Gold

Between all of the great choices and unique designs, people often forget about the choice metal - comparison between Palladium, Platinum & white gold
Guide to Investing in Colored Diamonds

Investing in Colored Diamonds

All the good of diamond investment minus some of the bad. Learn about the great advantages to investing in colored diamonds and how to do it.
Are Colored Diamonds more Expensive?

Are Colored Diamonds more Expensive?

It is common knowledge that natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and thus by far more expensive. This is also why you see them often on the red carpet or mounted on celebrity engagement rings. WRONG! While some colored diamonds are extremely expensive others, like yellow and champagne, are actually more affordable and provide an amazing alternative to the old fashioned classic diamonds. Read more inside.
Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands

Marriage is no doubt a meaningful life decisions. Therefore, almost equally important, is your choice of wedding jewelry. What are the differences between engagement rings, wedding rings and bands and what is the meaning behind them
Black Diamonds Value

Are Black Diamonds Valuable?

What is the real value of black diamonds? Would they be cheap or expensive? How come some black diamonds cost $100 per carat and some $3,000? A comprehensive guide
Brown Diamonds in various shades

Brown Diamonds Buying Guide

All you need to know prior to buying a brown diamond. How their prices are set? How to save money? And most importantly what you MUST verify before purchasing
Complete Guide to Gray Diamond Rings

Complete Guide to Gray Diamond Rings

The complete guide to Gray Diamond Rings and Engagement Rings - what sets their price? how to mount? best practices and more
Natural Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamond vs. Sapphire

Blue diamond vs sapphire - the resemblance practically ends with the word blue. Where do they come from, rarity and price, durability and more
Star Sapphires

Star Sapphire

Unique, rare, and amazing phenomenon - star sapphires. What colors do these amazing gemstones come in? Are they natural? Are they as valuable as they seem? Read the definitive guide to star sapphires.
Pink Diamond vs Pink Sapphire

Pink Diamond vs Pink Sapphire

Which pink gem would you prefer? Pink Diamond or a Pink Sapphire? What is the difference? Here's a breakdown of the differences, pros and cons between pink diamonds and pink sapphires
Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Complete Guide to Pink Engagement Rings

So you want a pink engagement ring but which? Pink diamond ring? Pink Sapphire? Maybe Tourmaline? What To check, how much to spend? Answers inside
Pink Diamonds Buying Guide - Pink Diamond Grading

Pink Diamonds Buying Guide

Pink Diamonds, most sought after and among the rarest. What to watch from? what to check & how you can save money when buying a pink diamond
Pink Diamonds

8 Things to Watch for When Buying Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink diamond engagement rings, due to their prices, can be a magnet for scams. With these easy steps you can stay on the safe side!
Yellow Diamonds

What to Watch for When Buying Yellow Diamonds?

You cannot afford not reading this article if you intend to buy a yellow diamond!
Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings
Yellow Diamond Earrings
Faint Pink Diamond

The Strength in Weak Colored Diamonds

Weak colored diamonds such as faint and light have strong potential, learn and understand how to use it
Yellow Diamonds Color Scale, Intensity Scale

Yellow Diamonds Buying Guide

All there is to know prior to purchasing a yellow diamond - what causes the color in yellow diamonds, what affects their price and how to save money
Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Sapphire VS Yellow Diamond

Which yellow stone is right for you? Here's a breakdown of the differences between yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires.
Most Expensive Diamond - The Hope

Most Expensive Diamonds

Not the ordinary diamond buying guide but defnitely something to watch and full of inspiration.
Ruby Ring and Earrings

Garnet VS Ruby

Garnets and Rubies are both red - but that's where the similarity ends... Which is the better gem and How to tell the difference?
April Birthstone - Diamond

April Birthstone

April’s birthstone is the most precious birthstone of them all, the diamond. Learn all about this gem, what it symbolizes and where to get the perfect gift
May Birthstone - Emerald

May Birthstone

May's birthstone is the one that would make everybody green of envy!
How to tell if a diamond is real or fake

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real or Fake?

All of the above buying guides teach you on how to find the perfect diamond. But how can you really tell that it is in fact a diamond?

Can You Scratch a Diamond?

While this article is part of our diamond education section - it perfectly fits also our buying guides - after all - it is one of the best ways to quickly check what you are looking at...