Natural Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds symbolize trust, loyalty and wisdom. Their popularity is constantly on the rise.

The popular shades range from pure blue to colors such as greenish blue and gray blue. Our blue diamonds are all natural and GIA certified.

Popular Designs for Blue Diamond Engagement Rings


* Illustrations above are based on 1 carat blue diamonds

Blue Diamonds Education Center

Prices of Natural Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds Wiki

Now that we've established that these magnificent blue diamonds are real, let's drill inside and learn more about them - What types of blue diamonds are there? Where do they come from? What history can teach us about the prices of blue diamonds?

How Are Blue Diamonds Made

Are Blue Diamonds Real?

Natural blue diamonds are extremely sought after but are also a source for confusion. Being so rare and so expensive, most people confuse them with various gems such as sapphires and color enhanced diamonds.

So before we begin, the most important and basic questions need answering - what are blue diamonds? Are they even real? What causes their magnificent color?

Uncut Blue Sapphire

Blue Diamond VS Sapphire

While the blue color is quite captivating and sought after both in blue diamonds and in sapphire, the resemblance ends there. Learn about the HUGE differences between natural blue diamonds and sapphires – price wise, origin, durability and more

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