Fancy Gray Blue Diamond, Cushion, 1.42 carat

Fancy Gray Blue Diamond, Cushion, 1.42 carat

  •  One of a Kind

Expert Opinion

Huge GIA Fancy Gray Blue Diamond, weighing 1.42 carat. The gray blue and green blue diamonds are amongst the most popular colored diamonds and it is easy to understand why. A very elegant and impressive looking blue diamond.

Category: Blue Diamonds

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  • Stock Number: #ID-123
  • Gemstone: Natural Fancy Color Diamond
  • Diamond Price: Undisclosed
  • Wire Price:
  • Carat Weight: 1.42 carat
  • Diamond Shape: Cushion
  • Diamond Color: Fancy Gray Blue
  • Diamond Clarity: N/A
  • Measurements:
  • Polish:
  • Symmetry:
  • Fluorescence: