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Pink Diamond vs Pink Sapphire


Pink Diamonds ParcelPink Diamonds Parcel

A rich color that exudes femininity and delicacy, pink is the perfect hue to enhance any outfit. When selecting a gem of this shade, it's important to note the differences between a pink sapphire and pink diamond. Although both may seem similar to the untrained eye, each gives a unique look and comes with its own distinct qualities. Before investing in a ring of this caliber, review the following guide to distinguish between the two.

Pink Diamond

One of the rarest stones in the world, the pink diamond is also one of the most expensive and makes for a unique and timeless engagement ring. The stone is almost exclusively found in the Argyle mine of Western Australia, and before the mine's discovery decades ago, pink diamonds were barely in existence (or barely in conscious). However, despite their exclusivity, the stones are believed to be one of the most ancient types of diamond, thus adding to their appeal and symbolism of special, eternal love and affection. While other diamonds date as far back as 200 million years, this shade can be traced back 300 to 500 million years.

The hue of pink can range anywhere from light pink to deep magenta, and the price can change significantly depending on the color. Typically, lighter pinks are less expensive than deeper hues, and the value also changes when modifying colors are factored in. A pink diamond with a purple hue, for instance, will be slightly less expensive that a pure pink stone. The same goes for other modifying colors that can interrupt the intensity of the pink.

Cut and clarity are other factors to consider when selecting a pink diamond. While they may have similar weights, their values could be significantly different because of these factors. Keep in mind the shape and quality - as well as your budget - as you choose your ideal gem. Remember, this purchase is an investment that can be enjoyed right on your finger.

To care for your diamond, simply washing it with soap and water each month should be enough to keep it in top condition.

Pink sapphire

Pink SapphirePink Sapphire

A less expensive and more common alternative to the pink diamond, the pink sapphire is another unique gem that's perfect for showcasing colorful beauty. The stone is known to symbolize power through hardships, and relentless compassion and love despite past wounds.

Much like the color pink, this gem exudes vulnerability, but is quietly powerful. Like the pink diamond, hues of pink sapphire widely vary. Red, bubble gum pink and purplish pink sapphires all come from the same family of stone, and are only distinguished by the color grade. The stone's value is largely based on its shade, though it will almost always be less expensive than a pink diamond.

Pink Sapphire Meaning

The meaning of a pink sapphire is slightly different from the diamond of its same shade. While the pink diamond represents resilience, the pink sapphire symbolizes royalty and good fortune. It's a great choice for those who identify with the elegant power and virtue of a queen. In a general sense, sapphires represent loyalty and trust, which also makes them perfectly fitting for engagement rings.

Similar to the pink diamond, cut and clarity also factor into the value of the pink sapphire. The vibrant color draws even more attention to the fine details of the stone. Gentle washing with mild soap and water should periodically be performed to keep the jewel shiny and clean.

The pink sapphire is a great compromise for budget and beauty, but the pink diamond will remain one of the rarest and most special stones available. Regardless of which you choose, you're sure to add a shiny new gem to your collection that will serve as a beautiful accessory and investment.

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