Blue Green and Green Blue Diamonds


green & blue diamond varations

The story with the blue and green color combination is quite similar to the one of the pink purple diamonds.

The Blue Color Diamond is very rare, expensive and in demand and the green is quite similar (though bit less known and demanded). If we will make an exact comparison of the extremes, then a 1 carat intense pure blue diamond will probably be more valuable than a one carat intense green - but they are considered to be at the same high end level of colored diamonds. In fact, when considering diamonds for investment purposes, this color combination is a good candidate.

Either way you combine both colors, the combination results in a very beautiful turquoise color. The available combinations are: bluish green, blue green, greenish blue and green blue diamonds. The last mentioned color is the one who is more dominant. A blue green diamond belongs to the green diamonds family, it is a green diamond with a blue secondary color (though noticeable) and a green blue diamond is a blue diamond with a secondary green hue.

These combinations come in all intensities. Meaning that you can find a fancy light bluish green diamond as well as an intense green blue diamond. Like always, intense colored diamonds will cost more than fancy which will cost more than fancy light etc.

Note that even though we state that some characteristics of the blue and green combinations are similar the resulted colors are very different - as should be - after all, one is a green diamond and the other is blue. With that in mind it is quite interesting to know that those who look for one are often willing to buy the other. This is also a result of the fact that these rare gems are truly hard to find.