Pink Brown and Brown Pink Diamonds


brown & pink diamond varations

In my point of view this color combination has great advantages either way you take it. Let's examine why…

Brown and Brownish Pink Diamonds

We all know (or most of us) that pink diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. These are the diamonds we all hear about time after time breaking records at the Christies and Sotheby's auctions. What not all people know about pink diamonds is that the color of the "plain" pinks ranging from light to fancy light and even fancy pinks is not that strong and obvious. Don't get me wrong, if you look at the diamond you'll know its pink but it is sometimes more of an aura (a beautiful and romantic one) but not an obvious and strong color such as with other colored diamonds. Intense, deep and vivid pinks are very obvious but so does their price. Even the purple diamond looks much more obvious thus the purple pink color is also very demanded by pink lovers.

When adding the pink diamond the secondary (darker) color of brown, you get two for the price of one:

  1. Pure colored diamonds are usually by far more expensive. Brown Diamonds are cheaper thus adding the brown color as the secondary tone reduces the price of the diamond (quite dramatically).
  2. For those who wish their colored diamond to be more obvious, more colored, the brown being naturally darker will do the trick.

Brown VS Brownish

As understood from the name - a Brownish Pink means a pink diamond with slight touch of a brown hue in it while a brown pink diamond means a more obvious brown color. The latter is obviously cheaper than the first. If we'll try to put it into numbers, a brownish pink diamond has up to about 25% brown while a brown pink diamond has about 25-50% brown in it. As you can see by the numbers, even within the brownish pink diamonds there can be a large difference in how influential the brown color really is. This is why you can often see two diamonds with the same brownish pink color description in the certificate and still have a big difference in pricing. At the end, it is all about the appearance of the diamond.

Brown Pink Diamond Collection

Pink and Pinkish Brown Diamonds

As can be imagined, this is the exact opposite.
While in the previous combination we added brown to a pink diamond and made it cheaper, here we add a pink / pinkish tone to a brown diamond making it more expensive. However, this is a great solution. A pinkish tone adds some interesting pinkish softness to the dark brown diamond and a pink brown has an obvious pink color effect and all for the price of… a brown diamond (an expensive brown but still a brown).

The same goes about the differences between pink and pinkish. A pink brown diamond means that the effect of the pink is stronger than its effect when pinkish. Since the pink is a good and vaulable modifier, it increases the price. A pink brown diamond should and would cost more than a pinkish brown diamond.

Last small note that is worth mentioning about pink brown diamonds...

You might have heard of champagne diamonds in the past. The Champane color description is not an official one. When referring to champagne diamonds people mean a specific tone of brown, usually yellow brown diamonds. However, pink brown diamonds are also considered by some as champagne diamonds. For best practices when it comes to buying colored diamonds, if you saw a color you like and wish to get it, use the official color description and not the synonym.