The Donnersmarck Diamonds are a pair of yellow diamonds mounted to a pendant in a classic traditional European style making it the most famous yellow diamond pendant in the world. The first is a an 82.48 carat pear shaped yellow diamond and the second is a 102.54 carat yellow cushion cut diamond.

The Donnersmarck diamonds are named after the German industrial Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck, one of the richest in his times, the son of a privileged and well known European family. He gave them as a gift to his beloved first wife, Pauline Therese Lachmann , better known as La Paira.

The diamonds were sold during 2007 in a Sotheby's auction to an anonymous buyer over the phone who paid for them 7.9 Million Dollars, almost twice the amount of the preliminary pre-auction appraisal of 2 Million Dollars each.

Even though the diamonds are not an ordinary pair being of different size and shape they have never been separated most probably due to their color. After all, when it comes to fancy colored diamonds, it is all about the color!