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Taking A Closer Look At The Dresden Green Diamond

If you are looking for a beautiful diamond that is both rare and has many years of history, then you will want to look at one of the famous green diamonds. The Dresden Green Diamond, which has been displayed for over 200 years in the capital of Saxony, has also derived its name from the capital. The first time that this beautiful diamond was referenced was in The Post Boy, which was a London new-sheet in the 1700s, and this reference came from an issue that dated around October 21 to October 27 in 1722. One of the main reasons why this beautiful green diamond is so popular is not only because it is so rare, but also because of the long history that it has.

What makes the Dresden Diamond and other Green Diamonds so Rare

However, from a scientific point of view, there is good reason as to why certain green diamonds are considered to be so valuable and rare. Green diamonds come in three types, which is usually a crystal shape, a stone, or possessing a light color that looks similar to the color of water in a pool. Once these diamonds are cut and polished, those that are from a stone type or crystal shape type will generally lose their green light color, and instead, they will turn into white gems or light yellow stones. These light yellow stones are also known as silvery capes. The third type of green diamond mentioned above is generally where the true green diamonds, such as the Dresden Green Diamond, originate from. The reason why these diamonds get this deep green color is because of what happens to them over millions of years. So, if you take a look at how the Dresden Green Diamond formed, it is because at some point in time it came into contact with a source that was radioactive, and this in turn caused these diamonds to go green. Instead of being bombarded by alpha particles only, which will usually only cause the surface of the diamond to go green, the Dresden Green Diamond was bombarded by alpha and gamma rays, and thus the green color that it developed penetrated deeper than just the surface, hence the reason why it kept its green even after it had been polished. Green Diamonds are the only natural colored diamonds that got their color due to radiation.

Dresden Green Diamond

What the GIA says about the Dresden Green Diamond

Another way of improving the color of these diamonds is by heating them. However, care must be taken not to reach temperatures higher than 600 degrees centigrade, otherwise, there is a chance that the color of these gemstones can turn brown or light yellow. According to the Gemmological Institute of America, who examined this remarkable pear shaped 41 carats diamond in the year 1988, the Dresden Green Diamond is said to have the potential of being internally flawless. In addition, the Gemmological Institute of America confirmed that this rare green diamond is extremely rare and of extraordinary quality.