When it comes to jewelry, diamonds definitely have a way of standing out from the crowd. However, what most people do not realize is that not all diamonds are made equal, and this can especially be seen with the Heart of Eternity Diamond. With the weight of 27.64 carats, the Heart of Eternity Diamond is valued at roughly 16 million dollars.

In fact, this beautiful and magnificent blue diamond is one of the rarest in the family of colored diamonds, as well as one of the most costly. The Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond was found in South Africa in the Premier Diamond Mine, which happens to be the only mine that is able to produce this blue diamond. In fact, out of the 10 colored diamonds that have attracted the highest bids, there were 6 from those ten that were actually blue diamonds.

The History of the Heart of Eternity Diamond

Originally owned by the Steinmetz Group, who had cut the diamond and then assessed its color to be fancy vivid blue diamond, this beautiful diamond was then sold to the De Beers Group.

One of the reasons why blue diamonds are so costly is because they are almost solely mined from the Cullinan mine and the Premier diamond mine that is located in South Africa, and there is close to 0.1 percent output of the diamond from the Premier Mine. This in turn makes these diamonds extremely rare, there is no argue that they are VERY desired, the combination of those makes the reason why they are so expensive.

Of course, besides the Heart of Eternity Diamond, there are other famous blue diamonds that have also gained fame. A few examples are the Hope Diamond and Wittelsbach Diamond. Two diamonds that are practically priceless since besides for their extremely rare color, they also carry unique documented history.

Owners of the Heart of Eternity Diamond

Interestingly, natural blue diamonds are not strong in saturation like that of other blue objects. In fact, blue colors are not that common in nature, which is the reason why you do not see so much of this color except in flowers, birds, fruits and gemstones.

The blue color of these colored diamonds generally mimic other types of blue colors such as steel, indigo and ink. Most of these blue diamonds will range at around $50,000 per carat (on small diamonds) to well over $500,000 per carat on larger diamonds, so you can imagine just how valuable these beautiful gemstones are and why they have gained such fame.

While the original owner of the Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond was De Beers, this beautiful heart cut, fancy vivid blue diamond is now under the new ownership of Sayyid Qadri.