The Kahn Canary Diamond is a triangular yellow diamond weighing 4.25 carats. What makes it so rare and special is the fact that it is a flawless diamond. Even though canary yellow diamonds are known to be found with a relatively high clarity grading - finding a flawless diamond is extremely rare.

The Kahn canary is set in a gold platinum 18k ring which was designed by a New York jeweler named Henry Dunay.

The Kahn got it's recognition and publicity when the secretary of state Hillary Clinton wore it during the swearing in of her husband Bill Clinton as the governor of Arkansas . Also wore it when he was sworn in as the president of the United States. It has become an un-official symbol for the state of Arkansas which is also known as "the natural state".

Could You Imagine stumbling upon the Million Dollar Kahn Canary Diamond?

The diamond was discovered during 1977 by an Arkansas resident called George Stepp in the "Crater of Diamonds state park", a unique park in Pike province Arkansas where every man has the right to keep the diamond he finds. Stepp sold the diamond for an unknown amount of money to Stan Kahn, a jeweler, who named the rare piece in his name.

An interesting fact about the "Crater of Diamonds" is that there is documentation showing that diamonds have been found there starting in 1906 and by the year of 1933 the number of found diamonds has passed the 100,000 mark. Obviously, the Kahn Canary Diamond is the most famous one.