Fancy Intense Yellow Orange Diamond, Radiant, 0.70 carat

Fancy Intense Yellow Orange Diamond, Radiant, 0.70 carat

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  • $6,300

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This Diamond belongs to the family of orange diamonds. While a pure intense orange diamond will cost tens of thousands by having the secondary yellow color the price tag of this amazing gem, a GIA Fancy Intense Yellow Orange Diamond, was reduced dramatically. The yellow color also makes it a bit lighter and adding to its sparkle – a great find.

Category: Orange Diamonds

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  • Stock Number: #ID-119
  • Gemstone: Natural Fancy Color Diamond
  • Diamond Price: $6,300
  • Wire Price: $6,206
  • Carat Weight: 0.70 carat
  • Diamond Shape: Radiant
  • Diamond Color: Fancy Intense Yellow Orange
  • Diamond Clarity: N/A
  • Measurements: 4.78x4.70x3.53
  • Polish:
  • Symmetry:
  • Fluorescence: