9.46 carat Rare Blue Diamond Found

November 11th, 2012 by Noam Flint

Couple of days ago it was released to the public by the Botswana Stock Exchange that a rare blue diamond was found by Lucara Diamonds (public company) at the Karowe mine which they own.

The blue diamond weighs 9.46 carat and was identified as a type II diamond (diamonds that have no measurable nitrogen impurities – more rare).

9.46 carat Blue Diamond rough by Lucara

9.46 carat Blue Diamond rough by Lucara

It is the first of its kind that was found in that mine and we can only assume it brings much hope for future diamonds to come.

William Lamb, Lucara’s CEO told JCK that they believe it will be polished into a vvs1 fancy blue. The diamond will be sold at the upcoming diamonds tender on the 26th of November along with over 57,000 carats mined in the Karowe mine.

For additional pictures of this blue wonder you can visit Lucara’s photo gallery and investors section here