From $80 to $80 Million - Pink Engagement Rings Buying Guide


Pink Diamonds ParcelPink Diamonds Parcel

For a long time now “Pretty in Pink” is not just a name of a cult teen movie.
As fashion evolved (and it has) and a man and women started thinking outside the box of the classic white engagement ring (and they do) – pink engagement rings started taking their well-deserved place in the center of the stage.

And it makes lots of sense - when thinking of romance, what color jumps to mind?

Once you decide on the color pink to represent your endless love, the next step is to choose the type of gem. Between the amazing gems that can provide you with that pink craving you’ll find the priceless (almost) pink diamonds, pink sapphires and pink tourmaline. But, even though they are all pink, the resemblance ends there.

What are the differences between pink diamonds and pink sapphires? What is important to check in each of these pinkish gems? How much should you spent? I’ll try to answer all of these questions (and many other) in this comprehensive guide to pink engagement rings.

Pink Diamonds

A Rare Beauty

When seeking out a gem that perfectly displays a special bond, the natural pink diamond may be the best choice. This gem is by far the rarest in the group, making it perhaps the most fitting choice for a one of a kind engagement ring.

Where do Colored Diamonds Come From?

Most pink diamonds come from Australia and there is one mine that is said to provide 90% - the Argyle Diamond Mine in Perth. In addition the pink gems, the mine is also one of the major sources of Champagne brown diamonds and even rare blue diamonds.

Oddly, while it is known what causes the color in colored diamonds, specifically pink diamonds are still an enigma and science has yet to determine the reason for their beautiful color. Several different elements factor into the intensity of the shade, including the amount of nitrogen present, as well as exposure to heat and UV light. Variances in these factors can cause the color to range anywhere from pale pink to deep red.

While the color pink has its own connotations, the pink diamond specifically represents creativity - a skill that is essential to keeping love from falling stagnant or monotonous. This is the perfect stone choice for a woman who uses her heart to make decisions and sees love as an art form. It represents the commitment you make to having her fall in love with you every day.

The Four C's of Pink Diamonds

When choosing a diamond, it's important to consider the four C's: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The cut of a diamond helps enhance its natural beauty and allows light to reflect off it, rather than through it. Clean, symmetrical angles keep the diamond glistening so it shines as bright as the eternal love shared between two people. This should not be confused with the shape of the stone, which can vary from pear to princess to oval and more. The perfect pink diamond will have many angles that radiate beauty and enhance its natural features.

When it comes to color, one must consider the level of intensity. The value grows with the darkening of the hue, making the deepest pinks or reds also the most valuable. Clarity is another important indicator of a quality diamond. At the top of the grading system, a stone is considered "flawless" when there are no visible impurities or blemishes. This means there are no spots, cracks or bubbles, and the diamond is of the highest clarity quality. Finally, the carat weight is crucial to the value of your diamond. A light, delicate piece is at the lower end of the scale, and it grows in value as it increases in size.

Value of the Gem

Diamonds are one of the rarest stones and, as a result, often hold some of the highest price tags. More specifically, pink diamonds are some of the most expensive jewels on the market. In fact, the Elite Traveler magazine reported that the world record for the most valuable diamond in existence is awarded to a pink diamond for its unmatchable perfection and beauty. The Pink Dream, formerly known as The Pink Star, is a 59.60-carat oval cut pink diamond that is the purest stone ever discovered. The Gemological Institute of America gave the gem the absolute highest grading of color and quality, making its price tag reach $83 million.

Caring for Your Investment

A stone known for its strength and resilience, a pink diamond is one of the most durable gems in existence. Therefore, with proper care and regular cleaning, your diamond will be able to provide beauty and radiance for many generations to come. Wash gently with mild soap and warm water, and get it professionally cleaned and inspected according to its warranty.

Pink Sapphires

Stone of Wisdom

The word "sapphire" brings to mind a beautiful shade of blue that's on par with the inner depths of the sea and the clearest, darkest skies. However, sapphires can come in many different shades, including pink, yellow, purple, orange and more. Like pink diamonds, pink sapphires drastically vary in color. Whether you're looking to spend forever with a hint of pink or a deep red on your finger to symbolize eternal love, there's an option for you. You may be surprised to learn that the ruby, a gem known for it's striking red beauty, is from the same minerals as a sapphire. Since the connection between the two gems wasn't discovered until much later, rubies are the only colored sapphires that are considered differently. As such, if you're looking for a deeper shade of pink, you may technically be in the market for a ruby.

In a general sense, sapphires of all colors are considered the stones of wisdom, molding both knowledge and serenity into the perfect gem to signify a life changing experience. When it comes to pink sapphires specifically, the meaning of the stone becomes one of royalty and power - the characteristics exhibited by a queen when she joins her king. For these reasons, a pink sapphire is a great choice for an engagement ring that exudes a powerful but elegant glow and symbolizes the joining of souls.

While the gems are unique on their own, if you're looking to further customize your investment, Gemvara is a valuable site dedicated to presenting your loved one with a very special jewel. Using the site's intuitive interface, you're able to personalize your very own ring in regard to the piece, gem and metal. You can sort and narrow down the qualities of your ring based on your preferences and individual style, making it completely tailored to the person who will wear it for the rest of their lifetime.

The Four C's of Sapphires

Many of the considerations you make before choosing a diamond should also be made when selecting a sapphire. This includes looking at the cut, color, clarity and carat weight. For sapphires specifically, it can be argued that the most important element is the color, as the gems are known for their striking intensity. Pink sapphires, like many beautiful colored gems, are often heated to a certain temperature to improve color and clarity. As the color increases in vibrancy, so does its value.

The cut is also important, as the different shapes and angles produce certain reflections which then create varying hues within the gem. There can be many different angles, or just a few, and it's based on personal preference. Regardless of the number of angles, the beauty should be judged based on symmetry, a central focal point and a balanced length-to-width ratio.

When it comes to the clarity of the stone, it's important to look for a pink sapphire with few to no blemishes. It's ideal to choose one with clear, even color throughout. Carat weight for this type of stone is similar to the pink diamond - the size and value both grow together.

Protecting the Value

Falling between the pink diamond and pink tourmaline stone in terms of value, the pink sapphire strikes a balance in price without sacrificing aesthetics. Once you select the perfect pink sapphire for your engagement ring, it's crucial that it's treated with the same care and appreciation that you show your love. Fortunately, sapphires are also resilient and will maintain their vibrancy for future generations to enjoy. In fact, Gemvara considers the stone to be "the most feminine of gems but it also has remarkable strength and lasting beauty." All that's required for care is gentle washing with mild soap and water - preferably with a soft brush to get in between hard-to-reach spots.

Pink Tourmaline

An Emotional Stone

A symbol of gentle resilience during a period of growth, pink tourmaline is another great choice for an engagement ring. The stone's delicate pink color and high rating on the hardness scale reflects its subtle power, which is a necessary trait when balancing a partnership. By rubbing the stone or heating it up, it can become electrically charged, which is fitting of a passionate marriage in which both partners' energy is fueled from the other. This is the perfect choice for a strong partnership with great chemistry and unmatchable excitement.

Found in select mines across California, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Brazil, the stone is extremely rare and unique. Its long, colorful nature and unique properties make it a special gem that captivates all who witness it.

The four C's of Pink Tourmalines

Tourmaline is another colored gem that abides by the four C's, though the considerations vary slightly. The color of tourmaline is often what attracts people to the hypnotizing gem. It comes in virtually every color, and what separates this stone from all of the others is its ability to include various hues in the same piece. The watermelon tourmaline is a specific type of pink stone that has both pink and green components, hence the name. When green accompanies the pink in the stone, its meaning changes slightly to represent physical health and stability, which is another important factor of a lifelong relationship.

The clarity of pink tourmaline is typically imperfect and contains fractures. The most popular cuts are longer shapes like rectangles to go along with the natural shape of the stone, and the carat weight is generally under 2 carats. As it grows in carat weight, so does its value. In fact, a stone of this nature over 5 carats is considered a world-class piece.

Maintaining its Beauty

A durable stone, pink tourmaline is resistant to scratching and provides beauty and resilience that won't weaken over time. However, because of its makeup, you should refrain from using ultrasonic care methods. Simply washing the gem with mild soap and water every now and then should be enough to maintain its luster and extend its enticing characteristics.

A pink tourmaline stone has a wide price range, and can be anywhere from an $80 crystal to an investment that costs thousands of dollars. Its value is largely dependent on other factors, like the intensity and number of colors present, as well as the clarity and carat weight.


Whether you choose a pink diamond, sapphire or tourmaline to symbolize your eternal love, it will serve as a constant reminder of the special connection you share with your partner. Much like a lifelong partner, a pink stone suggests gentle support and undying love. The color will follow her throughout her years and reflect all of the various stages of her life, from marriage to child bearing to becoming a grandmother. A classic hue, pink is feminine and ageless, and an incredible symbol of relentless companionship.

Refer to this guide to ensure that you choose the best stone for your partner based on its symbolism, durability and individuality. Take your time and meet with trusted jewelers who can further help you distinguish the differences between each stone and assist you in your investment. While it's best to spend time researching and learning the facts, it all boils down to a feeling. Follow the same one that led you to your future bride. Finding the perfect stone to symbolize your love will be as clear and undeniable as it was when you realized your partner was the love of your life.