25.5 carat Rare Blue Diamond found by Petra Diamonds

April 18th, 2013 by Noam Flint

Only a day has passed since the record breaking news of the 34.65 carat intense pink known as the Princie pink diamond being sold for $39.3 million dollars and the Internet wheels have started turning – this time regarding a newly discovered magnificent blue diamond.

Petra Diamonds, an independent diamond mining company and the certainly proud owner of the Cullinan mine in South Africa (as well as eight other mines) has unearthed a rare 25.5 carat blue diamond rough. And even though I often stated that most people wouldn’t pick up a rough diamond if they saw it, as can be seen from their images, this one cannot be missed.

Petra 25.5ct Blue Diamond Rough
Mixed Rough Colored Diamonds
Which one would you pick up from the floor?

In case the name Cullinan sounds familiar, it is not by chance. It is the same mine in which the world’s largest gem quality rough diamond was found – the Cullinan which in rough state weighed 3,106 carat and was later cut into 105 different diamonds. It is also the name of the mine in which only 4 years ago Petra unearthed a 26.6 carat blue diamond which was polished into a 7 carat internally flawless diamond, star of Josephine, that was sold by Sotheby’s for a $9.49 million dollars – at the time – a record breaking price per carat of $1.35 million. And last but not least, it is the same mine in which a 4.8 rough blue diamond was unearthed on December 2011 and was later sold for $1.45 million dollars.

Looking to get a piece of the action?
For those looking to invest in diamonds and cannot afford a 10 million dollar diamond or simply do not wish to wait till it is polished, you can try your luck with the Petra stock which just got a “Buy” recommendation by The Telegraph estimating the blue diamond find at over $10,000,000.

Any guesses about polished carat weight and price are welcomed on our G Plus and Facebook Pages!

* Rough Blue Diamond image by Petra Diamonds