Yellow Diamonds on the Red Carpet – 2017 Golden Globes Awards

January 10th, 2017 by Noam Flint

Honestly, yellow and red doesn’t work for me. It’s an odd combination. But when Natalie Portman walked the red carpet in the 2017 Golden Globes Awards with her yellow diamond ring – she looked perfect!

Tiffany Yellow Diamond Ring

In a way, while there aren’t too many retailers specializing in natural colored diamonds. However, Tiffany and Yellow Diamonds have been “walking hands in hands” for a long time.

The start may have been with one of the most famous diamonds in the world – the Tiffany Yellow Diamond that was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. And from there it developed into dazzling lines of yellow diamond rings like the TIFFANY SOLESTE®.

And then there was best actress nominee Natalie Portman – who just like Tiffany is classic and elegant.
She was wearing a Jackie Kennedy inspired yellow dress by Prada, cascading platinum diamond earrings and to perfectly complete the look, the bespoken yellow diamond ring.

The Red Carpet and Yellow Diamonds

The connection celebrities have with yellow diamonds is far from being a “new thing”.
Often, these are yellow diamonds engagement rings – like Clooney’s engagement ring to Amal Alamuddin or Iggy Azalea’s ring.

But interestingly, last year, on the same Red Carpet, beautiful J-Lo who also wore a yellow gown was wearing a set of yellow diamond ring and earrings…

Well, I still think that yellow doesn’t go nicely with red but yellow diamonds do go with everything!