6.54 carat Intense Pink Diamond sold for $8.59 Million Dollars

December 12th, 2012 by Noam Flint

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

A month ago, on the 6th of November JCK covered the story of what was the upcoming interesting Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction on the December 5th in New York City.

Sotheby’s were selling at the auction the collections of Estée Lauder and Evelyn Lauder. All proceeds, an estimated amount of $18M were to be donated to the breast cancer research foundation that Evelyn founded back in 93.

One item in particular on that show was designated to be the highlight – Evelyn’s 6.54 carat Intense Pink Diamond Ring created by Oscar Heyman & Brothers. (view auction details).

The center piece of the ring is the oval shaped 6.54 carat internally flawless intense pink diamond and it surrounded by 2.21 carat white half-moon diamonds.

6.54 Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring by Oscar Heyman & Brothers

6.54 Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring by Oscar Heyman & Brothers (picture Sotheby’s)

The amazing ring was estimated at more than $4 Million Dollars.

Going Once, twice, gone for … $8.59 Million Dollars

Yes it is not a mistake. The diamond was evaluated at $4 Million and it was sold for more than twice as much, for 8.6 Million Dollars. Over $1.3 Million Dollars per carat ($1,313,144 per carat to be exact).

This overwhelming price comes only two weeks after Laurence Graff bought a 10.48ct blue diamond and broke the world record for a deep blue diamond, for over a $1M per carat (over $10,860,000 total).

Also more than twice its original estimate of $4.5M.

And the intense pink diamond goes to… Laurence Graff

Once again no mistake – the same Laurence Graff who bought the deep blue two weeks ago bought this amazing intense pink after a bidding war with five additional candidates.

According to IDEX, Graff also bought the second and third top grossing items on the show – an emerald cut 52.73 carat vivid yellow diamond vs1 clarity for $3.9M and a 22.16 carat Emerald cut TYPE IIa D VVS1 diamond for $3.44M.

Among the other interesting color diamonds that were sold at the auction was a Van Cleef & Arpels diamond pendant with a 47.14 carat heart shaped intense yellow diamond at the center achieving $2.5 Million Dollars (more than the estimated at between $1.5M-$2.0M). Altogether, the proceeds of Lauder’s jewelry collection sold at the auction totaled $22.2M while the estimates were for $18M – 4 more million dollars going for a great cause.

Hope you enjoyed (and shared). Even though we don’t have a 6 carat intense pink diamond at the moment – you are more than welcome to stroll around our pink diamond collection