Dazzling Colored Diamond on Display in NYC

July 21st, 2013 by Noam Flint

Nothing is more impressive in the jewelry world than a stunning, larger-than-life diamond. While white diamonds are remarkable, natural color diamonds are second to none. Whether you dream of pink, yellow, blue or green diamonds, these beautiful stones are always desired. Those who enjoy looking at these gorgeous gemstones might want to consider taking a trip to the Big Apple in the near future. According to Live Science (picture inside), the remarkable 55-carat Kimberley Diamond is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, giving diamond enthusiasts a chance to see a rare beauty up close.

Rough Diamond From Kimberley Mine Rough Diamond From Kimberley Mine

Though the champagne-toned “Cape diamond” is certainly breathtaking, what’s more impressive is that it was cut from a huge 490-carat stone discovered in the Kimberley Mine in South Africa sometime prior to 1868. The Kimberley diamond was then cut down to 70-carats in 1921 and was sliced down yet again to its current size in 1958 by renowned New York City Fifth Avenue jewelers the Baumgold Bros.

The Kimberley Diamond Mine, also known as the Big HoleThe Kimberley Diamond Mine, also known as the Big Hole

The diamond, which is “virtually flawless,” according to George Harlow, the exhibit curator, is being loaned to the museum by the Bruce F. Stuart Trust.

According to the Baumgold Bros. official website, the fine jewelry company sold the diamond to Bruce F. Stuart, great-grandson of Carnation Company founder Elbridge Amos Stuart, in 1971. Over the years, the precious diamond was transferred to the Bruce F. Stuart Trust, which still owns it.

Those interested in viewing the rare and exquisite diamond can do so from now through June 2014, as that is the length of time it will be on display at the museum.