Hottest Jewelry Trends in 2014

February 6th, 2014 by Noam Flint

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to get acquainted with the fresh jewelry trends for 2014. While some of the most popular elements from 2013 will leak into this year, there are a few new looks to be aware of. If you’ve been looking to invest in colored diamonds, there’s never been a better time. More and more designers and celebs are trading their colorless diamonds for stones in stunning shades of the rainbow. So which metals, settings and hues should you keep an eye on?

Here are some of the top trends for this year:

Ode to orange

Double Halo Pink Brown Diamond Ring

Considering the fact that the Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid, it makes sense that orange – its complementary hue – would be a go-to gem color in 2014. Orange diamonds have a truly unique look, making them perfect for anything from pendant necklaces to offbeat engagement rings. A vivid yellow orange stone is bound to attract some attention with its vibrant appearance, and a deep brown orange gem has a look that is both earthy and sophisticated.

Art Deco decadence

From fashion to interior design, Art Deco has been re-emerging in almost every realm. Now, it’s also having an influence on jewelry styles, as trendsetters look to embrace pieces with a retro flair. Look out for engagement rings that look straight out of the roaring ’20s, many of which will feature Asscher and radiants – or traditional round-cut diamonds, and may also include a micro-pavé halo of stones for extra glitz factor.

Double Halo Pink Brown Diamond RingDouble Halo Pink Brown Diamond Ring

Chocolate chic

There is a wide range of shades available when it comes to brown diamonds, meaning everyone will be able to find one that fits their tastes this year. These stones are becoming increasingly popular, likely because they are so versatile – their neutral hue pairs with nearly any ensemble and can also work well with other jewelry. Another reason that people are becoming fixated on chocolate gems is that they are one of the more affordable diamond colors. In particular, the always elegant champagne diamonds are going to be a big hit this year.

Brown Diamonds Parcel50 carats Parcel of Brown Diamonds

Delicate and dainty

While 2013 was all about big, bold baubles, the look is a little more understated this year. Of course, there’s a time and a place for chunky bangles and oversized cocktail rings. However, the emphasis is mostly on more delicate pieces, which are easier to layer and look appropriate for any occasion.

Consider a bracelet with mixed fancy colored diamonds or a single pendant on a slender chain with a colored gem. A blue diamond looks especially fetching in a silver setting, while yellow gold perfectly complements a sunny canary diamond. Naturally, a pink diamond on a rose-gold chain is a match made in heaven.

Perfect pinks

Pink Diamonds Intensity ScaleVarious shades of Pink Colored Diamonds

Ever since some of the most stylish stars started sporting custom pink diamond engagement rings, women everywhere have been clamoring to acquire one of these striking stones. It makes sense, too – they have an inherently romantic vibe and feminine flair that’s hard to match. Pink diamonds can range in tone from orangey pink to brownish pink, but purplish pink is poised to make a major splash in 2014, because Pantone declared Radiant Orchid the Color of the Year.

Back to Baroque

In keeping with the vintage theme this year, the Baroque period will also have a major influence on the jewelry scene. Keep a lookout for ornate settings that call to mind the architecture in gothic cathedrals and churches, as well as eclectic fancy diamond shapes in earrings, necklaces and rings alike.

Fancy Dark Gray Diamond, 1.00 caratFancy Dark Gray Diamond

Gold settings that have a regal appeal will be especially popular for those seeking glamorous engagement rings. Browns and dark gray diamonds evoke a Baroque feel and have an inherent drama about them that definitely draws attention.