The Season’s Most Popular Diamond Colors

November 7th, 2013 by Noam Flint

There’s no doubt that the popularity of color diamonds is surging. In fact, a Bizmology report from earlier this year noted that the colored gemstone market is currently worth nearly $2 billion, and Mark MacDonald of Dow Jones believe that it could exceed $10 billion in the next decade.

This trend is becoming especially clear in regards to engagement rings. As more fashion-forward brides look to defy tradition and incorporate some color into their rings, the industry is continuing to boom. So which hues are the most sought-after?

Seasonal diamond colors
The season’s most popular diamond colors

Warming up with color

Each year, Pantone releases a report with the seasonal color palette. For fall and winter, these hues may have a major impact on what gemstones are desirable. As jewelry lovers look to add pieces to their collection that pair well with their seasonal ensembles, Pantone’s chosen hues will likely play a role in the decision.

“As soon as the colder months come around, people tend to want to add more colorful jewelry accessories to offset the darker skies and colder weather,” explains Raphi Mahgereft, a New York-based jewelry expert. “With new popular fashion colors like purple, orange and smoky browns, complementary gemstone pendants, earrings and bracelets kick these colors up a notch with real pizzazz.”

From subtle to striking

Many jewelry enthusiasts may be turning to stones in earthy shades that reflect the beauty of nature. For example, champagne diamonds or brown diamonds provide an intriguing autumn-inspired alternative to white diamonds, but are still neutral and therefore extremely versatile. That’s not to say that vibrant hues aren’t getting their fair share of attention. Pantone picked a multitude of rich tones for their palette as well: “Koi,” a vivid orange; “Acai,” a deep violet; and the vibrant “Mykonos Blue.” As a result, orange diamonds, pinks, purples and blue diamonds will all likely pique the interest of collectors (even more than usual).

“Fall provides the perfect backdrop for gemstone jewelry because it complements our surroundings,” Mr. Mahgereft added. “And with winter on its way the warmer colors are sure to brighten up any new color scheme you wear.”

When choosing a diamond color, there is much to consider. The buyer must take into account their wardrobe as well as their personal style. As more celebrities are opting for pink diamond engagement rings, those that are always one step ahead of the curve may choose to follow suit. Alternatively, traditionalists may opt for gray or yellow diamonds.