Tzoffey’s – Israeli Diamond House to Auction off Rare Diamond

August 22nd, 2013 by Noam Flint

Some might assume that diamonds are forever, but this isn’t the case for Israeli diamond house Tzoffey’s Diamonds. The diamond exchange company specializes in fancy natural diamonds in unique cuts and shapes, according to its official website. The business’ owner, Avner Sofiov, has been in the diamond industry for more than 30 years and is now looking to auction off some of his most coveted gemstones.

Colored Diamond from International Diamond Week Photo courtesy of US & International Diamond Week

The auction, which will see various diamonds, colored gemstones and custom-made jewelry up for sale, is set to take place on Aug. 28 in Ramat Gan, Israel. The event will act as the conclusion to the U.S. & International Diamond Week, which runs from Aug. 26 through 29, bringing in more than 400 Israeli companies and countless visitors and buyers. While the auction won’t take place until the 28th, those in attendance will be able to view the inventory throughout the week, helping vendors determine which diamonds are right for them.

The highlights of the impressive auction include a 50-carat cushion cut fancy-intense yellow diamond, a 77.52 carat cushion fancy deep orange brown diamond and a 62-carat white diamond, all of which have been shaped by Sofiov.

“Avner’s sharp wit and his keen eye for exclusive diamonds and gems is unsurpassed in our trade,” said Yair Sahar, president of the Israel Diamond Exchange. “The selection of items he put together for this auction is simply fantastic. This auction adds significant value to an event that promises to be the best ever diamond sales opportunity held on the trading floor.”

Since colored diamonds continue to grow in popularity among those getting engaged and people looking to add a special style to their personal collection, it’s likely all eyes will be focused on who walks away with the impressive colored stones.