The 12.27 carat Majestic Pink Diamond is up for sale

August 6th, 2012 by Noam Flint

The Majestic Pink Diamond

The Majestic Pink Diamond (image by R.A.U Antiques)

Yet another pink diamond is grabs the headlines and is up for auction.

This time, it is a Modified Rectangular (a Cushion Cut Diamond with pointy tips) Natural Fancy Pink Diamond weighing an unbelievable 12.27 carat. Amazingly, this diamond was given a VVS1 clarity grading (Very Very Slight inclusion) by the Gemological Institute of America which is extremely rare for diamonds of this size, not to mention pink diamonds. The GIA also classified this diamond as a type IIa diamond – of the rarest types of diamonds.

As mentioned in the report: “Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure type of diamonds and often exceptional optical transparency.”

The seller of this fancy pink diamond, M.S. Rau is auctioning it along with the online luxury auctions site and the asking price is set to $7.85 Million USD.

The Majestic Pink is currently mounted onto a Cartier Platinum and Rose gold ring with baguette diamonds on the sides.

This auction comes less than three months after the previously spoken about Martian Pink Diamond, an intense pink diamond weighing 12.04 carat, was sold for a record breaking price of $17.4 Million USD ($1.44 Million Dollars per carat).

Will the Majestic Pink exceed expectations and break the record for the priciest Fancy Pink ever sold?