It will be Pink Diamonds for new Mom Kate Middleton

August 6th, 2013 by Noam Flint

Kate Middleton went from being an average country girl to a princess of England after marrying Prince William in 2011. While Kate quickly settled into her role as a royal figurehead, she is now in for a different challenge – figuring out how to be a good mother. William and Kate welcomed their first child, a son named Prince George, July 22, and have since been learning all about the baby and his needs while staying at Kate’s parents’ home in the small town of Buckleburry.

Despite living a more modest lifestyle, William is planning an impressive push present for his wife. According to E! Online, William has reportedly decided on pink diamonds for Kate to honor her new job as a mom, and to thank her for her hard work during the delivery.

What type of jewelry is fit for Kate?

The Daily Express reports the Duke of Cambridge has not only selected pink diamonds as the gemstones he will present to Kate, but has also enlisted the help of the queen’s personal jewelers to ensure the custom job gets done correctly. Kate’s gift will be a far cry from the present Princess Diana received from Prince Charles a few years after Will’s birth.

It’s reported Diana was gifted with a gold medallion with “William” inscribed in Charles’ own writing along with a gold charm in a “W” shape. As for Kate’s gift, many speculate William will opt to present her with a brooch featuring an exquisite pink gemstone, a diamond he’s researched quite heavily.

“William has been giving this a lot of thought for a long time,” a source close to the Prince told the news outlet. “He’s got lots of ideas from studying history of art at university and decided on a pink diamond as a centerpiece because it is pretty and feminine. It will be a thank you present to Kate.”

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Family diamonds to be used?

Even though William can afford any diamond or other jewel in the world, he might be looking to his grandmother for a more significant piece. According to the news outlet, Queen Elizabeth is already the owner of one of the most precious uncut pink diamonds in the world. The massive 54.5-carat stone was given to the queen by geologist John Williamson following her marriage to Prince Philip.

The gemstone is one of the queen’s favorite pieces, as she often dons the huge diamond as a brooch. No word on whether or not the queen will give up her gorgeous pink diamond to Kate has been announced.