Colored Diamond Engagement Rings on the Rise

August 5th, 2013 by Noam Flint

For many years, white diamonds ruled when it came to engagement rings; however, nowadays, it seems colored diamonds are establishing their place in the market. While white diamonds are certainly still the classic choice for brides-to-be, fabulous yellow, pink, blue and champagne-colored diamonds are quickly becoming more mainstream.

Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring


“Some of the hottest styles of bridal jewelry are those with a jolt of color,” said Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for the Jewelry Information Center, the consumer education arm of Jewelers of America. “Hot colors include champagne, brown, pink, yellow, black and gray which are giving a modern yet timeless twist to engagement rings and wedding bands.”

It’s not just the colors that have changed in recent years, but also the style of popular rings in general. For example, Gizzi reports halo rings, or ones that boast a colored or white center stone surrounded by a ring of white diamonds, are a trend in engagement rings right now. Not only does the setting make for a shinier, more glamorous look, but it also helps make the center diamond appear larger – something most brides long for.

While the halo style is certainly in fashion, it’s not the only cut that will show off a gorgeous colored diamond. According to MSN Living, another popular style this year is the emerald cut. Whether it boasts a single center stone or one with the halo effect, the shape is one that brides will stay in love with for years to come.

Fancy Light Pink diamondEmerald Cut Pink Diamond

Other popular shapes include the cushion cut, the oval, the pear, the double halo and three circle setting. Many times, brides with a three-stone setting opt for a larger white diamond as the center with a smaller colored diamonds or other gemstones on each side

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