5 Picks from the Sotheby’s NY Magnificent Jewels Auction – Sep 2015

September 1st, 2015 by Noam Flint

The listings of the upcoming Sotheby’s NY Important Jewels auction that is taking place September are out. Out of the 542 lots that will be presented, 34 feature colored diamonds and here are our top 5 to watch for:

  1. 3.55 carat Fancy Light Blue Diamond Ring
    Fancy Light Blue Diamond Ring 3.55 caratFancy Light Blue Diamond Ring

    Every auction needs a natural blue diamond, and this beautiful 3.55 carat blue pear does it job perfectly.
    A truly gorgeous platinum ring. As often seen with diamonds of this caliber, platinum is used instead of white gold.

    The blue pear is surrounded with round pink diamonds weighing approximately 0.25 carat that seem to be emphasizing the beautiful and pure blue color of the diamond.

    The price estimation is around $500,000. If we place the setting aside, this means approximately $140,000 per carat. An impressive price tag for a fancy light blue.

    But then again, just last week an objective report by the FCRF showed that prices of colored diamonds have gone up as much as 6% per quarter with blue diamonds taking the lead – with that in mind, a higher price than the estimation won’t be surprising.

  2. 5.20 carat D VS1 Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace
    Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace with Dangling Purple Diamond

    Sometimes, a touch of color is all you need – and this necklace shows exactly that! Here, the center piece isn’t what caught my eyes, but rather the “small” fancy pink purple diamond that dangles above it.

    That “small” diamond is a 0.71 carat round Pink Purple Diamond. A diamond that is quite hard to come by. A Pink Purple diamond is by definition a purple diamond. While those are far less known than pinks, they are far rarer and far pricier.

    And as can be seen, it adds a magnificent and unique touch and basically making this beautiful necklace one of a kind.
    The price estimation is $225,000 – $275,000.

  3. 15.83 carat Intense Yellow Diamond Ring
    Big sized yellow diamonds are featured in every auction, yet, I never get tired watching them.The diamond is a GIA certified 15.83 carat emerald cut intense yellow with vvs1 clarity which is due to a cloud. It is estimated at $200,000-$300,000. That’s $12,500 – $19,000 per carat. If it goes at the lower range, it means that someone has made a great deal!

Vivid Yellow or Intense Yellow Diamond?

One of my favorite things at the auctions is comparing similarly priced diamonds.
This time, it is interesting to compare two yellow diamond engagement rings, both priced at approximately $175,000.

Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring VS Intense Yellow Diamond Ring at Sotheby'sIntense Yellow Diamond Ring VS Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring at Sotheby’s
Image: Sotheby’s

But there is the  small matter of 5 carat difference… one is 3.03 carats and the other is 8.14 carats.

How is it that they are priced the same? In colored diamonds the most important C is Diamond Color.

In this case, one diamond is a Vivid Yellow Diamond and the other is an Intense.
This one step up the yellow diamonds color scale moves the price up almost 3 times!

What would you prefer? Size or Color?

* for the full information regarding this interesting auction, click here
Images: Sotheby’s