Staple Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs

July 30th, 2013 by Noam Flint

There are few things in life women like more than jewelry. While everyone tends to have their own taste, many ladies like the look of common trends, such as diamond rings, pearl necklaces and signature watches. Here are a few pieces that need to be in every woman’s collection.

Staple jewelry pieces every woman needsStaple jewelry pieces every woman needs

A staple ring

Most ladies long for the day when they get a beautiful engagement ring and wedding band to match it. While a diamond ring is certainly the epitome of a stand out finger accessory, it’s not the only option.

Those who aren’t married or simply prefer switching up their rings to match their changing ensembles can still sparkle with fabulous rings. Color diamonds, for example are a great choice, since they allow you to don a dazzling accessory, even if you aren’t or don’t plan on tying the knot. While yellow diamonds continue to steal the spotlight among celebrities, you can choose from a wide array of options ranging from blue and green diamonds to champagne diamonds or even purple gemstones.

Staple jewelry pieces every woman needsChampagne Diamond
Staple jewelry pieces every woman needsGreen Diamond
Staple jewelry pieces every woman needsYellow Diamond

The most important step is to find a ring that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace – Image courtesy of Flickr user [tiararama]

Pearls are a close second to diamonds in terms of the most classic pieces of jewelry on the market. While these gorgeous gems are stunning on a single strand, it’s their versatility that helps keep them popular among all different types of women.

For example, a multi-layer strand of white and gray pearls might look best on a lady in her 20′s, while an all-white pearl choker with diamond accents may be perfect for an older, more established woman. Since pearls have yet to go out of style, it’s safe to say the pieces, no matter the styles, will be easily passed on from generation to generation in a family.

A specialty watch

Watches have been a staple in fashion and a practical necessity for centuries, and while less emphasis is focused on the latter in today’s society, timepieces are still an elegant feature on any wrist. While a standard silver or gold style is acceptable, those who want their watches to act as a stylish accessory rather than just an item to tell time might want to invest in a piece with diamonds.

Watches that boast diamonds around the face can be just as gorgeous and elegant as a tennis bracelet and can be a different take on wearing a traditional bracelet or two.

Other pieces women may want to collect over the years include diamond stud earrings and a beautiful pendant or brooch.