A Trip to the State Park Earned her $20,000 Canary Yellow Diamond

April 12th, 2014 by Noam Flint

There is ONE place in the world where you can go out, have some fun and… find diamonds.

Better yet, as they say on their site – “KEEP WHAT YOU FIND“.

The Lucky Find

Back in October 2013, Tana Clymer found a 3.85 carat diamond at the Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas and named it “God’s Jewel”.

The only place in the world (besides maybe Antartica) that one can go exploring nature and… dig for diamonds.

Diamonds that are found at the Crater of Diamonds are usually colorless or with a brownish or yellowish tone. As can be seen from the image, luckily for Tana, hers was clearly a canary diamond.

Rough Yellow Diamond Found at Arkansas Crater of DiamondsRough Yellow Diamond Found at Arkansas Crater of Diamonds
Image: Crater of Diamonds State Park

God’s Jewel sold for $20,000

The VERY noticeable yellow color the diamond has helped her twice -
the first was in the discovery and the second was in the sale.

Between the three colors that one can find at the Crater of Diamonds, brown diamonds are the cheapest diamonds and strong yellow diamonds are more expensive than whites.

The canary she found was extremely beautiful and with such a strong color that she managed to sell it for the astounding price of $20,000. Not a bad amount for a day at the park…

To understand the rarity of the catch you can look at the park’s latest finds. They quote the last 30 catches and while they show that practically every diamond a diamond is found, today’s stats show only one diamond over 1 carat (2.89ct) and it is of white color.

What kind of yellow diamond is worth $20,000?

In order to calculate the value of a yellow diamond many attributes are needed to be taken into consideration – How much does it weigh? Does it have a secondary color (and if so which color)? What shape is it? Does it have fluorescence? And more…

Here are few examples of yellow diamonds that are worth approximately $20,000:

Fancy Yellow Diamond, 2.32 carat, Internally FlawlessFancy Yellow Diamond, 2.32 carat, Flawless
Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, 2.23 carat, VVS2Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, 2.23 carat, VVS2
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond, 1.50 carat, si2Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond, 1.50 carat, si2

Which of these would you prefer? The smaller yet included Vivid, The bigger flawless fancy or the intense in the middle?