Why are Champagne Colored Diamonds Popular For Jewelry?

May 22nd, 2012 by Noam Flint

Champagne Diamond

The champagne diamond is the diamond of choice that is replacing the traditional white diamond, but why? First, what’s a champagne diamond?

Diamonds have a variety of colors and each colored diamond has its own unique shade. This is in part is what makes a diamond so valuable. Diamonds can be red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, black, gray, and brown.

Of the many different shades and colors, brown diamonds or champagne diamonds had never been popular and were valued only for industrial use. Brown diamonds are also a lot more common than any other diamond – as much as 80% more common. They get their natural color from irradiation or nickel impurities.

So how did brown diamonds go from worthless jewelry to choice gems? The answer is in the color. The very thing that made them less attractive in the past has made them hot item today among celebrities and those of high fashion sense.

With a little help of marketing, brown diamonds received more attractive names such as Champagne diamonds and Cognac diamonds. The love of cognac and champagne diamonds comes from their warm color and classy look that fits with any wardrobe. Combining brown diamonds with traditional white diamonds creates a stunning appeal.

Some of the more popular shades (popular synonyms) of brown diamonds are: Champagne diamonds that have a light golden brown color; Cognac Diamonds that have a warm radiant glow of orange and red; Honey diamonds that have a light amber color; Cinnamon Diamonds that are light brown; and Clove Diamonds that are dark olive brown in color. However, the dominant two are cognac and champagne.

Some of the many colors of brown diamonds are yellow-brown, orange-brown, the rare reddish-brown, and of course the many different intensities of brown from light to deep and dark. As long as it is a dark and deep color, it is considered a cognac brown diamond. Like with other natural colored diamonds, when it comes to brown diamonds the carat doesn’t matter determine the worth as much as the color. If we try to generalize, the darker and deeper the brown, the more valuable is the diamond.

Another factor that has made the brown diamond all the rage is the price. Because they are the most common color of colored diamonds and maybe because of their history as industry diamonds, these diamonds are often cheaper than traditional white diamonds. A popular diamond at an affordable price can’t be beat.