Yellow Diamonds on the Red Carpet – Golden Globes 2016

January 14th, 2016 by Noam Flint

The Golden Globes are a chance for Hollywood’s elite to come together and celebrate their work. Though some call it a warm-up for The Academy Awards, many stars go all out for the event. The 73rd Annual Golden Globes, which took place earlier this month, afforded celebrities the opportunity to sport their best attire. While fan favorites like Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning, star Jennifer Lopez shined brightest in about 200 carats of diamonds.

The new frontwoman in the upcoming show “Shades of Blue” choose to stick with a yellow theme for the evening. The baseline for Lopez’s buzz-worthy outfit was her flowing yellow Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown, but the superstar refused to leave it at just that. The affectionately named J-Lo complemented her outfit with an array of diamond jewelry.

Lopez, who was in attendance as a presenter, glowed in two yellow diamond rings, a platinum bracelet studded with marquise and round brilliant cut pear-colored diamonds and yellow diamond drop earrings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The rings amounted to 5.21 carats each, and the bracelet weighed in at 59.27 carats while the yellow diamond earrings were a stunning 16.46 carats.

Even though Lopez was also wearing a 46.95-carat cluster diamond wreath necklace and a 68.40-carat caftan cascading drop diamond necklace, it was the yellow diamond earrings and rings that were most stunning. The color of the 46-year-old celebrity’s jewelry not only matched the artist’s evening gown perfectly, but it also added life to the ensemble as a whole. J-Lo’s outfit and colored diamonds caused a stir on social media, earning her over a Million likes on her various Instagram pictures. That makes her photo from the evening the most-liked picture from The Golden Globes, as reported by NBC News.

True, her Yellow Diamonds accounted for a fraction of her total carat weight but they were without a doubt most notable (but we are not that objective…)

US Magazine reported that the diamonds were all on loan from luxury jeweler Harry Winston.