10 Carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink Diamond Ring up for sale

April 4th, 2012 by Noam Flint

10 Carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

10 Carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink Diamond Ring by Birks

A ten carat fancy light purplish pink diamond ring will be showcased between April 13-17 in Edmonton Canada.

This diamond will be displayed by Birks, a Canadian retailer with 32 stores that operates since 1879. This unique diamond, probably one of the largest pink diamonds that were mined, is currently mounted on a solitaire platinum ring and expected to be sold for no less than 2.5 Million Dollars.

According to Birks, it took them over three months to cut and polish this 10 carat pink diamond out of a 21.35 carats rough. Surprisingly, unlike most pink diamonds that are mined in the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, this diamond was actually mined in South Africa. In fact, only a month ago a rare 12.76 carat pink diamond rough was mined in the Argyle Diamond Mine – and maybe Birks will enjoy this latest buzz.

Natural Pink diamonds are extremely rare as you probably know by now. But, to understand just how rare this diamond is, Birks reported that according to Christies, which is probably the most familiar auction house for such unique and rare diamonds, only 18 pink diamonds were sold over the last 244 years that weigh over 10 carats.

We must wonder though – is it possible to say no to such an amazing pink diamond ring?

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