Blue Diamonds World Record Almost Broken

April 4th, 2012 by Noam Flint

Natural fancy colored diamonds are taking the center of the stage when it comes to recent diamonds and jewelry auctions. This time, it was a vivid blue diamond.

Fancy Blue Diamond

Pure Fancy Blue Diamond


While during 2011 pink diamonds prices broke one record after the other, it seems that maybe 2012 will be the year of natural blue diamonds.
At Sotheby’s recent Magnificent Diamond & Jewelry auction, an 8.01 Carat Square Emerald-Cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond mounted in a platinum ring was sold for 99,220,000 HKD (approx. $12,793,000 USD).

This means that the buyer paid the sum of approx. $1.6 Million Dollars per carat, while the current record stands on a $1,686,500 that was also recorded on the Sotheby’s Hong Kong exhibition just last October for a 6.01 carat fancy vivid blue diamond.