Christie’s Important Jewels auction Lives to its Expectations

June 10th, 2014 by Noam Flint

With so many auctions you can start and wonder what is there left to sell…
But there is…

Today, Jun 10th, Christie’s will auction at the Rockefeller Plaza in NY a dazzling collection jewelry, gems, diamonds and colored diamonds.
There are 226 lots total ranging in price from $2,000 to $7,500,000 – so there is something for everyone…

Here are just a few that worth to watch for:

32.51 carat radiant cut fancy yellow diamond ring

An unusual sized fancy yellow diamond. Mounted in yellow gold and with great cut the diamond will literally light up the room.

It is GIA certified and has a clarity grading of si1. Even though it means that it is supposed to be eye clean, in such large diamonds it needs to be verified.
The estimated price for this sunshine… $500,000-$600,000. A mere $15,000-$18,500 per carat – a very “affordable” price.

Much cheaper than a similar sized colorless diamond and far from the 100 carat Graff Yellow which broke all records only a month ago – selling for X Millions.

Round canary diamond ring

Colored diamonds are rarely found in the shape of round brilliants – it is because the round shape does not tend to sustain the color.

This is why it is always special to find a round one. However, this specific diamond is extra special…

Weighing over 5.5 carats, with excellent vs2 clarity and most amazing… graded as vivid yellow – this ring is truly one of a kind.

To enjoy it, one will need to depart from $200,000-$300,000. In the lower end, this unique diamond makes an outstanding investment – with no premium for the fact that it is round.

Your chance for a pair of yellow diamond earrings

Auctions are very interesting, they tend to gather really interesting specimens.
Colored diamond earrings are hard to find. Round colored diamonds, as mentioned above, are also quite hard to find…

A pair of round yellow diamond earrings is exactly one of those rare and interesting specimens…

Two round fancy yellow diamonds, over 2 carats each with extraordinary clarity – one is a VVS and the other is even an Internally Flawless.

In normal conditions, 2 carat yellow diamonds with such high clarity are easily sold for $7,500-$10,000 per carat (15k-20k per diamond).

Christie’s is auctioning this pair of earrings (signed by Tiffany) for 20,000-30,000 total. A very low estimation, especially considering that there is a premium for matching pair of diamonds and there is a premium for round yellow diamonds.

if 2 carats each is small for you, there is also a pair of intense yellow diamonds 4 carats each that is estimated at approximately $150,000… and a pair of intense yellow Princess Cut studs for $200,000…

5 carat fancy intense greenish blue diamond ring

5 carat fancy intense greenish blue diamond ringintense greenish blue diamond ring
image: Christe’s

A turquoise colored diamond – an intense greenish blue weighing 5.02 carats mounted onto a beautiful and flattering platinum ring flanked with two colorless tapers.

It’s only “downside” is its clarity which is si2 – again meaning that it might not be eye clean. Usually, in diamonds such as this, the ring is not taken in the calculations of the value.

So when the ring is estimated at the range of $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 it means that the diamond is estimated at $200k-$300k.

Last but not least… Described on their catalog as


5.5 Vivid Pink Diamond

5.50 carat vivid pink diamond5.50 vivid pink diamond
image: Christe’s

Interestingly, only two weeks ago after Bonhams, a rising star in the recent auctions of extremely unique colored diamonds, failed to sell their 5 carats pink we encounter another one of these special gems.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, Approximately 1 in 10,000 carats of minded diamonds are gem quality fancy colored diamonds and only 0.01% are fancy pink diamonds of which very few exceed 5 carats in size” (Graeme Thompson Bonhams Asia Jewelry Director)

This time, the auctioned gem is an oval shaped 5.50 carats natural fancy vivid pink diamond with VVS1 clarity, excellent polish and excellent symmetry – absolutely brilliant.

The “modest” and conservative estimation: $6,500,000 – $7,500,000
Why modest??? 4.5 years ago, on December 2009 Christie’s auctioned another 5 carat vivid pink diamond with vs1 clarity. The price that was realized? $10.8 Million! And it was almost 5 years ago and 10% smaller (diamonds are priced per carat).
Soon, we’ll find out just how modest was it…

Care to guess?

* Images via Christie’s PR