Spotlight on The Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction April 2014

April 7th, 2014 by Noam Flint

With the transition into the new season, colored diamond investors and enthusiasts are likely looking to breathe new life into their collections. Spring is the perfect time to consider adding a few stones in some rare hues that will get them excited about the sunnier seasons. That’s just what attendees will get at Christie’s New York’s Magnificent Jewels Auction, a two-session event held at the flagship Rockefeller Center saleroom on April 16.

3.60 carats Intense Green Diamond Ring by Christies

3.60 carats Intense Green Diamond Ring
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With more than 250 jaw-dropping gems, diamonds and jewelry from some of the most renowned companies in the world, this is an auction that is bound to surprise and delight anyone with a passion for diamonds. From top-tier colorless stones to historically significant colored gems and signed jewels from iconic houses, the diversity at this sale will also likely appeal to a range of collectors.

Whether or not you can attend, there are a few standout stones in Sale 2836 that are worth knowing about.

Harry Winston Pink diamond ring

Arguably the highlight of the auction, this ring by Harry Winston contains a 6.10-carat rectangular-cut fancy intense pink diamond framed on both sides by a tapered baguette-cut diamond. The stones are mounted in a platinum and 18k rose-gold setting, and the ring will come in a sleek black leather box. So why is this ring so important? Not only is the diamond color ultra rare, but the gemstone is VVS1 clarity, according to its Gemological Institute of America report. Additionally, it is a Type IIa diamond, the most chemically pure and sought-after diamond type that boasts remarkable transparency. So it makes sense that Christie’s has estimated the value at between $4,000,000 and $6,000,000.

Gray blue diamond ring

It’s difficult to believe that the color in this fancy gray blue diamond is natural, but it simply owes its stunning icy hue to traces of boron. The modified cut-cornered rectangular-cut stone in this ring is also 5.17 carats, but more impressive than its weight is the fact that the accompanying diagram suggests that it is potentially internally flawless, or at the very least, VVS2 clarity. The diamond is flanked on either side by a trapeze-cut diamond and mounted in a platinum setting. It has been determined by the GIA to be type IIb, which is notable as this type represents just less than one half of one percent of all diamonds. According to the Christie’s site, it’s estimated to fetch between $800,000 and $1,200,000.

Vivid yellow diamond necklace

Leave it to Tiffany & Co to produce such a remarkable piece of jewelry. The pendant necklace features a modified cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing a whopping 20.34 carats surrounded by circular cut colorless diamonds, and a neckchain that consists of modified cushion-cut diamonds, each of which also sports a circular-cut diamond surround. The dazzle doesn’t stop there: The stones on the chain are spaced apart by bezel-set circular-cut diamonds mounted in platinum and gold. The GIA report states that the natural yellow diamond is VVS2 clarity, and the estimated worth is between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Intense green diamond ring

Pure natural green diamonds are some of the rarest colored stones in existence. That’s why this GIA certified square-cut 3.60 carat fancy intense green diamond si1 is sure to make a splash at the upcoming Christie’s auction. The diamond is flanked on by matching certified D VVS modified square-cut diamonds weighing almost 1.50 carat (0.72 and 0.74 carats), and set in platinum and 18k rose-gold with circular-cut diamond shoulders. One of the things that make this diamond SO special is its size and authenticity of origin. The cause of color in colored diamonds is different for each color. The green color is caused due to natural radiation. Since it is practically impossible to distinguish between natural radiation and manmade radiation, it is extremely difficult to prove green diamonds as natural. The estimated price for this very unique diamond is $800,000 to $1.2 Million – an estimation that we won’t be surprised to see broken.

An Interesting Comparison Opportunity for Pink Diamond Prices

Only 6 months ago, on October 2013, Christies NY auctioned off another set of truly magnificent diamonds and jewelry. What’s interesting is the fact that back then we also had our eyes set for three special diamonds – Pink, Blue and Yellow.
While the yellow and blue diamonds that were sold had different attributes than the ones here above (3.81 pure vivid blue and 5 carat vivid yellow…),
the last diamond makes an excellent candidate for comparison.

The star of the auction was an 8.77 carat pure intense pink diamond with vvs1 clarity and was even also recognized as Type IIa pink.
It was estimated for $5.5M-$6.5M and was sold for $6,325,000 – near it’s high estimation.

It is true that one diamond does not make a statistical significance – however – it would definitely be an interesting item to watch for.

Do you think prices of Pink Diamonds increased?