The Rainbow Colored Diamonds Collection

April 3rd, 2014 by Noam Flint

What could be better than one remarkable colored diamond? A collection of 300 fancy colored diamonds, such as Belgian diamantaire Eddy Elzas’ Rainbow Diamond Collection.

This array of diamonds is truly unique, and will be the centerpiece at the upcoming U.S. & International Diamond Week. According to Rapaport News, this is the 57th time that Elzas has exhibited his rare collection. Attendees will find it in the Israel Diamond Exchange’s main trading hall at the upcoming Israel Diamond Exchange from April 6-10.

Rainbow Diamond Collection

Rainbow Diamond Collection featuring 300 colored diamonds
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It’s no wonder The Rainbow Collection is so impressive – Elzas began collecting these stones four decades ago, and has been building it up ever since.

The historical value of this collection cannot be estimated. I started the collection at a time when fancy colored diamonds were regarded as inferior diamonds. These days, of course, are long gone. I am thrilled to be showing this collection for the first time in Israel and the U.S. & International Diamond Week is a perfect platform for showing this unique palette of fancy colored diamonds, including three rare red diamonds.”

Said Elzas, according to Rapaport.

IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer seems optimistic that the collection will generate a lot of interest and excitement from attendees and prospective buyers. Of course, the Rainbow Collection is not all that will be drawing attention to this event.

According to the Israel Diamond Institute, Schnitzer has said that over a billion dollars worth of polished diamonds will be available to investors and collectors, with hundreds of fancy colored diamonds in a range of hues. Those that aren’t able to make Diamond Week can find The Rainbow Collection at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in the Diamond Exchange District of Ramat Gan, Israel, where it will be on display through April 26.