Geneva Auctions Set Several Records in a Matter of 2 Days

May 22nd, 2016 by Noam Flint

Leading the sale of over $324 million and accounting for 9.7% and 18% respectively, “The Unique Pink” and “The Oppenheimer Blue” Diamonds broke several auction records. This year, has a reversed situation between the two leading auction houses; Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Last year, Christie’s Sold the most expensive Fancy Vivid Pink and Sotheby’s sold the most expensive Fancy Vivid Blue Diamonds. This year, it is the exact Opposite.

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond
Christie’s “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond
Image credit: Christie’s

the 14.68 carat, Fancy Vivid Blue diamond sold for a record price of $58,246,847 eclipsing the Blue Moon of Josephine by almost $10 million. how far will the market go, and pay for unique items. it is rumored that the diamond was acquired back by leading industry participants, further demonstrating that even our own team mates, strongly believe that prices are far from peaking, and there is more room for appreciation. The oppenheimer Blue diamond was sold by Christie’s

The Unique Pink Diamond

The Unique PinkThe Unique Pink
Image: Sotheby’s

A night before, The 15.38 carat Unique Pink Diamond, sold for a total price of $31,561,200, breaking the record that the Pink Josephine, the Largest Fancy Vivid Pink ever to sell at auction from last year by more than $3 Million Dollars, and setting its own records. The diamond was acquired by a private buyer according to David Bennett, head of Sotheby’s Jewellery. This demonstrates that not only industry participants strongly believe in Fancy Color Diamonds, but also private individual have confidence as well, and that is positive news overall. The Unique Pink was sold by Sotheby’s.