Graff Reveals Ultra Rare Colored Diamonds Jewelry at La Biennale des Antiquaires

September 18th, 2014 by Noam Flint

It would seem nearly impossible to bring more romance and sparkle to the City of Light – but that’s just what Graff Diamonds is doing at the La Biennale des Antiquaires, one of the most momentous events in the gem industry.

At this show, which runs from Sept. 11 through Sept. 21 at the Grand Palais in Paris, a bevy of top jewelry houses across the globe showcase some of their most impressive diamonds. While there will surely be some spectacular stones from these companies, Graff’s stand is poised to stand out among the rest. For one, the stand itself, which was curated by the company’s own interior team, will feature a multitude of striking design features, such as bronze showcases, marble floors and walnut wall paneling. The centerpiece of the stand consists of a gold engraved glass wall.

More importantly, though, the London-based jeweler is unveiling some jaw-dropping colored diamonds from his famous collection.

The Royal Star of Paris Brooch

The Royal Star of Paris Brooch by GraffThe Royal Star of Paris Brooch by Graff
Image: Instagram

One of these beauties is the “Royal Star of Paris,” a piece that can double as a brooch or pendant that includes two massive stones: the Graff Sunflower, a107.46-carat cushion​ cut fancy yellow diamond, and the “Graff Perfection,” a 100-carat D flawless pear shape diamond drop. Founder and chairman for the firm, Laurence Graff, commented on how unusual it is to behold two high-quality diamonds exceeding 100 carats together on one piece of jewelry.

We create legendary stones with remarkable stories to tell, one such diamond is the Graff Perfection. Following many hours of painstaking work, we unleashed the true potential of an incredible 225-carat rough diamond, transforming it from perfection to ultra-perfection.”

Le Collier Bleu de Rêve Necklace

Le Coller Bleu de Reve by GraffLe Coller Bleu de Reve by Graff
Image: Instagram

Another highlight is the Le Coller Bleu de Reve, which features a a 4.22 carat untreated old-mine Colombian emerald, as well as a flawless 10.47 carat fancy vivid blue briolette diamond, which the company called “one of the rarest and finest blue diamonds in the world.”



This isn’t the first time the brand has appeared at the event. Graff opened its first store outside the United Kingdom at Hotel de Paris, Monaco, in 2000, exhibited at this show that same year and participated again in 2002.

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