$17.7 Million paid for the Most Expensive Vivid Pink Diamond Ever

October 9th, 2014 by Noam Flint

A while back, when we started this blog for colored diamonds for enthusiasts  we covered almost every diamond auction. Very fast we realized that it is an impossible task and decided to focus only in the really special auctions – but you know what – the result was the same.

And the latest auction, Sotheby’s October 2014 Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite was one of those special auctions – among the 339 pieces that were auctioned laid an incredible pear shaped 8.41 carat flawless vivid purple pink diamond – a diamond that we’ve been waiting for a while and that words can not describe – here is its photo:

8.41 carat Vivid Purple Pink Diamond8.41 carat Vivid Purple Pink Diamond sold by Sotheby’s
Image Sotheby’s

It combines amazing qualities that each on its own is owe aspiring: the enormous size of 8.41 carat, the internally flawless clarity and one of the most sought after color combinations and saturation vivid purple pink.

In fact, according to Forbes’s publication prior to the auction, Sotheby’s stated that this diamond is:

arguably the most desirable pink diamond to appear at auction in recent years

Considering the astounding diamonds that came to auction over the last few years, this is not a light weighted statement.

A Valuable and Vivid (pink) Record

This 8.41 carat purple pink diamond is not the biggest pink diamond – that record is reserved to the Darya I Noor which is 182 carats. It is also not the priciest that was ever sold – that record is reserved for the Graff Pink which was sold back in 2010 for $46.2 Million.

However, while it was estimated to sell somewhere between $13 – $15.5 Million, it was actually sold for…….. $17.7 Million Dollars – Making it the most expensive vivid pink diamond that was ever sold.

BUT, it was inches (or dollars) from breaking another record…. The sale price of $17.7 Million dollars is the equivalent $2,104,637 dollars per carat. The most expensive price per carat that was ever paid for a vivid pink is still owned to “The Vivid Pink Diamond” – a 5.00 carat cushion shaped vivid pink with vs1 clarity that was sold December 2009 for $2,155,332 per carat.

In fact, as ridiculous as it may sound to some and considering that these pink diamonds are often bought for investment, I wouldn’t have been surprised if these extra $50,695 dollars per carat that the buyer could have paid for the 8.41 carat pink in order to make it also most expensive pink (per carat) – which come to $426,344 total or 2.5% of the purchase price of $17.7M – would have earned this diamond a more “prestigious” pedigree that in few years would have been paid back with interest…

Flawless Blue Diamond vs Flawless Pink Diamond

3.32 carat Internally Flawless Vivid Blue Diamond3.32 carat Internally Flawless Vivid Blue Diamond – Image Sotheby’s

As mentioned above, it is very unlikely to find a flawless vivid colored diamond. However, Sotheby’s managed to pull this trick twice in one auction.

There was another spectacular diamond at this auction that got pushed bit out of the spotlight because of the above broken record that certainly deserves the attention:

A 3.32 carat Internally Flawless Vivid Blue Diamond. While it was respectfully estimated at $3,352,440 - $4,383,960 this may have been a somewhat conservative estimation considering it was eventually sold for $5,358,746 USD (over $1.6 million per carat).

It seems that this diamond’s only “flaw” in order to make it to the big league’s is that it was under 5 carats. A weight class that tends to make diamonds far more notable. We can only try to imagine what it would have gotten with its attributes weighing a bit more… It is already not far behind what was paid (per carat) for the Perfect Blue Diamond only five months ago by Harry Winston (who renamed it to the Perfect Winston Blue).

The most expensive Sapphire

While next to the $17.7 million paid for 8.41 carat purple pink this might seem a bit negligible, another notable record was broken at the auction:

A 17.16-Carat Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring sold for $4.06 Million Dollars, an equivalent to $236,404 per carat.

Most Expensive Sapphire in the WorldMost Expensive Sapphire in the World sold by Sotheby’s
Image Sotheby’s

On one hand, this is truly amazing on the other, it is another example showing the huge differences when comparing blue sapphires and blue diamonds – only a month ago Cora revealed their 12 carat vivid blue that is estimated over $30 million (the rough alone cost $25.6 Million).

SO… Which was your favorite? The most expensive pink, most expensive sapphire or a $5 million blue?