Moussaieff Red and Blue Diamond Rings are Coming to the Auction

November 24th, 2014 by Noam Flint

On their Hong-Kong Magnificent Jewels auction coming up November 25th, Christie’s will auction two extremely rare pieces by Moussaieff. While these are not the priciest at the auction, to us, colored diamonds enthusiasts, they are certainly the most interesting.

Moussaieff Vivid Blue Diamond Ring

Moussaieff Vivid Blue Diamond RingMoussaieff Vivid Blue Diamond Ring
Image Christie’s

At “only” 3.39 carat, much below the sizes that often come to the auction houses, this exceptional colored diamond is hard to ignore. GIA certified 3.39 carat Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond with a truly mesmerizing hue, it is simply a perfect blue diamond. Also, while usually at these premium diamonds we exclude the setting, in this case it is very noteworthy – the blue diamond is surrounded by marquise shaped pink diamonds and the shank itself is also mounted with pinks – simply beautiful.

It is estimated at $4.6 – $6.5 $Million dollars which is equal to 1.35 – 1.91 million dollars per carat. Sounds a bit high to such a “small” diamond but the fact is that I wouldn’t be surprised if it even passes it!

The Moussaieff Red’s long lost Cousin

Moussaieff Red Diamond RingMoussaieff Vivid Blue Diamond Ring
Image Christie’s

Even if you are not a diamond specialist or a luxury fan and think the name Moussaieff rings a bell, it is probably due to the fact that one of the most famous diamonds in the world carries their name – The Moussaieff Red.

The Moussaieff Red is a 5.11 carat Fancy Red Diamond – the biggest Red diamond that the GIA has ever graded!

It was bought by Moussaieff at the early 2000′s for approximately $8,000,000 – which is probably less than half it’s worth today.

Red diamonds are by far the rarest diamonds that exist and as such the priciest. Only a handful of red diamonds are found each year and when it occurs, it is all over the news. Just last August at the Argyle Tender a huge buzz was created since four red diamonds were presented at the same time.

The current red diamond ring by Moussaieff is mounted with a 2.09 carat red diamond with si2 clarity. The center piece is surrounded by petals made of six pear shaped diamonds all above 1 carat and certified as D Internally Flawless.

And as for the price – The 2.09 red diamond is estimated at $3.6M – $4.9 Million which may not sound as much with the sales going on lately but considering the small size this comes to approximately $1.75M-$2.35M per carat – more than what was paid for the Moussaieff Red which as mentioned above is over 5 carat.



Going Once, Twice Sold!

The 3.39 vivid blue diamond ring also achieved an honorable price and sold within the high range of the estimation – $5,819,867 or $1,716,774 per carat.

And, as the sale’s results came through it has become common knowledge that a new red diamond holds the Most Expensive Record…
The 2.09 carat red diamond ring sold for $5,095,872 which comes to $2.44 Million Dollars per carat.

Can you imagine what it means for the price of the 5 carat Moussaieff Red???