A dazzling forecast: U.S & International Diamond Week 2014

March 30th, 2014 by Noam Flint

Each year, diamond enthusiasts flock to the Israel Diamond Exchange to behold some of the most stunning stones on the market for the U.S. and International Diamond Week. Anticipation has been rising for this event, and now the final countdown has begun for buyers to expand their collections. From April 6 to 10, buyers will once again be hitting the trading floor to look at more than $1 billion worth of polished diamonds in different colors, shapes and sizes from over 400 Israeli diamond trading firms and manufacturers.

A colorful future …

So what can one expect at International Diamond Week? Obviously there will be some truly remarkable stones, but more specifically, fancy colored diamonds are slated to make a big splash. Natural Color Diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. Only one out of every 10,000 gem-quality diamonds boasts a fancy color. The Israeli diamond dealers and manufacturers have proven over the years to hold magnificent and rare gems.

… And past

It’s hard to say what will draw the most attention at this event, but a polished diamond auction of more than 2,000 stones from the Rapaport Group is bound to be a highlight. Additionally, you can be sure that Tzoffey Diamonds, a renowned Israeli exchange company, will have some unique offerings with fancy natural diamonds.

Other prominent sellers like Rio Tinto, Diamond Dealer’s Club and De Beers will also be on hand with an array of impressive stones to unveil, including both traditional white diamonds and the increasingly popular colored diamonds.

Colored Diamond from International Diamond Week Photo courtesy of US & International Diamond Week

What’s especially intriguing about this five-day event is that buyers have the chance to see as well as purchase rough stones, even though the majority of the options displayed will already have been cut. If the past is any indication, buyers will have no trouble finding valuable gems that are worth adding to their collections. Last year, attendees had the opportunity to bid on stunners like a 50-carat, cushion-shaped fancy yellow diamond. The auction also included other covetable stones shaped by Sofiov, such as a 77.52 carat cushion fancy deep orange brown diamond and a 62-carat white diamond.