Iggy Azalea Wears Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

June 2nd, 2015 by Noam Flint

An Australian rapper who continues to make headlines with her unique personality and style, Iggy Azalea isn’t one to blend in with a crowd. That’s why her beautiful engagement ring is anything but ordinary. Her basketball star fiance, Nick Young, recently proposed to her in front of their friends and family at his 30th birthday party in Los Angeles, and the ring features an enormous, vibrant yellow diamond.


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About the Yellow Diamond Ring

At 10.43 carats, her bold yellow diamond engagement ring makes a statement that measures up to her striking persona. On anyone else, a jewel of that size may wear the person, but for Azalea, it perfectly complements her style.

The ring is valued at $500,000 and consists of an 8.15 carat cushion cut fancy intense yellow diamond that’s surrounded by 2.28 carats of white diamonds. The jewels are set on a band of 18-carat white gold, further illuminating the striking piece.

The ring doesn’t just happen to fit Azalea perfectly. Young worked with a jewelry designer to create a ring that would capture all of her unique characteristics in the form of an irreplaceable gem.

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

Yellow Bling in Hollywood

While the yellow diamond is a unique, beautiful choice for Azalea, she’s not the only one to flaunt the gem on that special finger. In fact, she’s not even the only popular female rapper to come out with a yellow diamond ring. Rap star Nicki Minaj was also shown wearing a yellow diamond ring, though there are conflicting reports that it means she’s engaged. Regardless, the jewel is striking and, like Azalea’s, perfectly fitting of her unique, vibrant presence.

The bold female rapper was given the ring by boyfriend – and possibly fiance – Meek Mill. While the exact details of the gem aren’t known, it’s estimated to be a 15-carat heart shaped fancy yellow diamond. It’s surrounded by a double halo of white diamonds and rests on a platinum band. A ring of these credentials is typically valued around $500,000.

Why is the yellow diamond becoming so popular? For one, it’s a gem that’s as unique as it’s beautiful. When it comes to colored diamonds, this shade is the most traditional and popular because of its cheerful, bright tone. Those who wear it are often just as bold and beautiful as the gem itself.

Which of these yellow diamond engagement rings do you like better? 15 carat fancy or 8 carat intense?