1 (Pink) Coin = $6,000. Limited Edition Argyle Pink Diamond Coin Released

March 12th, 2015 by Noam Flint

perth-pink-diamond-coinArgyle Pink Diamond Coin Image by Perth Mint

Diamonds are most commonly worn as rings, earrings, necklaces or other forms of jewelry. They serve as timeless pieces that can instantly enhance any outfit and go beyond aesthetics to symbolize love and devotion.

However, they can also be displayed in other forms. Many people collect coins and ingots with diamond enhancements. Fortunately for those looking to add to their collection, the Australian coin manufacturer Perth Mint recently released a new limited edition Argyle coin that features a breathtaking pink diamond at its center.

The Kimberley Sunset Coin

Argyle Pink Diamond Coin by Perth MintArgyle Pink Diamond Coin
Image by Perth Mint

Made up of 2 ounces of rose gold (pink gold) with a single round pink diamond the middle, the coin is a valuable addition to any collector’s display.

The featured pink diamond weighs between 0.035 and 0.045 carats, and taken from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. Named the Kimberley Sunset coin, the image on the top of it shows a large boab tree, which is a staple in Australian culture. Known for its thick, bottle-like base and scarce branches, the trees are commonly seen in Kimberley – hence the name. Behind the tree is a setting sun, which is accented with the pink diamond.

The sentimental value of the coin is unmatchable. Perth Mint, in conjunction with mining corporation Rio Tinto, will only be creating 440 of these coins, making them extremely rare and valuable. Their overwhelming beauty adds a unique touch of pink to a shiny collection of these precious metals.

Watch the amazing video:

Other Work from Perth Mint

Argyle Pink Diamond Ignots
Argyle Pink Diamond Ignots. Image – The Perth Mint

This wasn’t the only pink diamond release from Perth Mint. The corporation previously released a pink diamond ingot that also featured a beautiful boab tree. This time, however, there were multiple pink diamonds included, portraying flowers instead of a sun. The 1-ounce bar of 22-carat pink gold is a beautiful canvas for the sparkly gems it displays. With only 168 of these bars produced, they’re also extremely valuable for those who collect them, and are valued at $4,000.

The beauty of these coins wouldn’t have been possible if not for the Argyle diamond mine. Located in the East Kimberley region of Australia, the mine is the world’s main supplier of pink and red diamonds. While it also supplies champagne, cognac and blue diamonds, its most prevalent gem is the pink stone. Mining began in 1983 and has since provided the world with more than 800 million carats of rough diamonds. The mine is responsible for creating some of the most beautiful, meaningful jewelry – and coins – to date.

The Argyle Diamond Mine’s output is limited with only few years left. With that in mind, these coins may be excellent collectibles with hidden added value (you can get it here).

On the other hand, for $6,000 you can simply buy a nice pink diamond… Which would you prefer?