8 Amazing Colored Diamonds at the Upcoming Sotheby’s HK Auction

March 29th, 2015 by Noam Flint

On April 6th Sotheby’s will open the auction season of 2015 – and they will do it with a bang.

The upcoming auction features 319 lots and an amazing number of colored diamonds jewelry – 31.

I have to confess, when I started this post it was titled “3 highlights from the upcoming Sotheby’s auction“. Unfortunately, 3 was far from being enough.

With that in mind, here are the ones that I could not resist writing about:

  1. The Shimmering Sun – 77.77 Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring
    77.77 Carat Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring Sotheby's 77.77 Carat Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring Sotheby’s

    The number 7 is known to hold important meanings in many cultures but here it is something else.

    Whether by accident or deliberately this astounding 77.77 carat diamond ring is estimated at $7.7 Million Dollars which comes to $100,000 per carat ($99k to be exact).

    To add to the perfection, the cushion cut diamond was graded to have a high vs2 clarity and excellent symmetry.

    The ring’s special design also features two heart shaped diamond weighing 5 carats together which seem quite small next to the center diamond.
    With the last big vivid yellow diamond – Graff’s 100 carat Vivid Yellow being sold for $163k per carat, it would be no surprise if this one will exceed its high expectations.

  2. Pair of Intense Purple Pink Diamond Earrings
    While it took the Shimmering Sun Diamond 77 carats to reach $7 million dollars price estimations, this rare pair of pink diamond earrings did it in 7.7 carats.

    With one graded as 4.01 carat intense purple pink diamond and the other being fancy intense purplish pink diamond weighing 3.72 carats these diamonds are estimated at $6.2M-$7.1M. The unique design in which the center diamonds are dangling from an unorthodox setting that features 0.55 and 0.63 carat intense pink diamonds that are placed in-front of step cut diamonds weighing 5 carats is something I have never seen before.

  3. 4.57 carats Internally Flawless Vivid Pink Diamond Ring
    The astounding diamond is mounted onto a remarkable ring designed by the renowned Carvin French whose pieces are often seen in auction houses.This diamond is in fact perfect.

    Vivid pink is the strongest color grade for pink diamonds combining it with the IF clarity grading got it the $6.2M-$7.1M estimation – $1.35M-$1.55M per carat. The only thing left to check is if you are size 6.

    4.57 Carat Vivid Pink Diamond Ring Sotheby's4.57 Carat Vivid Pink Diamond Ring by Sotheby’s
    5.59 carats Intense Purple Pink Diamond Ring Sotheby's5.59 carats Intense Purple Pink Diamond Ring Sotheby’s
  4. 5.59 carats Intense Purple Pink Diamond Ring
    The mesmerizing ring features a 5.59cts pear shaped fancy intense purple pink diamond with vvs1 clarity. Weirdly, the ring size for this is 3.5…
  5. 55.26 carats White & Yellow Diamond Ring
    Of toi et moi design. 30.13 carats cushion cut vs1 intense yellow diamond mounted alongside a 25.13 carat Type IIa white diamond with E vvs1 grading.
    Price tag: $3.6M-$4.25M.
  6. 2.13 carats Intense Blue Diamond Ring
    Pear shaped intense blue diamond weighing 2.13 carats with vs1 clarity surrounded by melee pink diamonds surrounded by another circle of white pear shaped diamonds – plain beautiful. It is estimated to bring in $1.1-$1.3 Million Dollars ($550k-$600k).

    2.13 carat Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring Sothebys2.13 carat Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring Sothebys
  7. 2.16 carats Intense Green Diamond Ring
    The uniqueness of this ring is obviously its center diamond. Even though it is not as large as the others and relatively common clarity grading of si1 its color is simply not one you encounter too often – pure intense green. These rare gems that are The meaning – approximately $250,000 per carat!
  8. 8.88 Fancy Light Pink Brown Diamond Ring
    This lucky number diamond is estimated at $500,000 ($464k-$541k). For those who are not familiar with this specific color description or wonder how come a huge pink diamond such as this “only” costs $500k the reason is that it is not a pink diamond! Pink brown color diamond is a brown diamond with a secondary tone of pink. The big advantage for pink brown diamonds is their price that is a fraction of the price of a real pink diamond. To enhance the pink tone they used a classic trick for pink diamond rings which is to surround it with small melee pink diamonds and set it in pink gold (rose gold). From the looks of it – it worked! A beautiful ring!

At this point I simply had to stop though there are 23 additional breathtaking and unique colored diamonds jewelry on sale.

To see all lots, receive more information or just wash your eyes visit the sale’s page here.

Update: Sale Results

The results were surprising but not for the better… A lot of the items were not sold.
The Intense blue diamond ring was sold above its estimation, the buyer paid $1.45 Million dollars for it (above $680k per carat which is astounding).

The 8.88 carats pink brown diamond ring also performed very well and was sold for $660k – which means over $74,000 per carat for a brown diamond! (though with a notable pink hue).

Another interesting result was of a 6.52 carat vivid yellow diamond that was sold for over $72,000 per carat which is an extremely high price for a vivid yellow of this size, showing that their prices did not finish climbing…

In regards to the sale’s star, the 77.77 carat Shimmering Sun, I can only assume that we will encounter it once more few years from now…