Most Expensive Belt Buckle Features 60-Carat Cognac Diamond

June 1st, 2015 by Noam Flint

Diamonds are often worn as rings, bracelets and necklaces, but designer Roland Iten is attempting to step outside of the box with a new flashy creation. His latest design features a fancy orange brown diamond, also known as cognac diamond,on nothing other than a belt. After all, why limit yourself to wearing a beautiful gem above your neck when you can display it on your waist?

Most Expensive Belt r60-Diablo by Roland ItenR60-Diablo Belt Buckle – Most Expensive in the World
by Roland Iten

R60 Diablo

Clearly, this is much more than just a tool a man can use to keep his pants up. The flashy belt, named the R60 Diablo, is the most expensive – and quite possibly the only – belt of its kind. Iten has worked on a line of men’s luxury accessories, and this piece tops the charts with a value of $9 million dollars. The belt will be up for private auction at Christie’s, and it’s likely to be a piece that garners a great deal of interest.

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The belt buckle is captivating for a number of reasons. The mechanics alone are enough to cause a spectacle, as the buckle opens with one touch of a button. Not only that, but the actual piece is made of a beautiful, high-end combination of metals, including 18-karat 5N rose gold, white gold and grade 5 titanium. Top all of that off with the breathtaking cognac diamond that it holds, and there’s no wonder why everyone’s been talking about it.

Most Expensive Belt r60-Diablo open by Roland ItenR60-Diablo Belt Buckle Opened
Most Expensive Belt r60-Diablo side by Roland ItenR60-Diablo Belt Buckle Side View
Most Expensive Belt r60-Diablo Top by Roland ItenR60-Diablo Belt Buckle Top View

Cognac diamond

Any diamond could instantly enhance a belt buckle, but the one chosen as the display of the R60 is especially beautiful. The nearly flawless orange brown diamond weighs in at 60.66 carats. Its kite shape adds to its unique design, and perfectly accentuates the shape of the buckle. The diamond originated from deep within Indian mines – the same ones that brought the world the 45.52-carat Hope Diamond and the 545.66-carat Golden Jubilee, which are renowned, striking jewels.

When you consider the rarity of the diamond, you might be wondering what kinds of safety features are involved in making sure the stone is secure. Iten, being the great designer he is, already anticipated this and included four different forms of reinforcement that will keep the gem in place. The diamond isn’t going anywhere – except to the home of the lucky bidder who purchases it, of course.

Watch the video of this amazing buckle:

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