Sean Connery’s Pink Diamonds are Forever

November 22nd, 2015 by Noam Flint

Sean Connery, the mythological star of one of the greatest Bond movies – Diamonds are Forever – has decided to depart of his diamonds.

On November 16th Sotheby’s had auctioned two of the Connery’s diamonds and the star could not be happier!

Sean Connery Orangy Pink DiamondSean Connery Orangy Pink Diamond Sold by Sotheby’s
Image: Sotheby’s

Most Expensive Orangy Pink Diamond in the World

The auctioned piece was a 15.20 carats fancy orangy pink diamond pendant. The center diamond was cut as a briolette and was graded by the GIA with a vs2 clarity.

While the briolette is a very uncommon cut (similar to pear shape), it was seen recently more than once on some of the world’s most expensive diamonds and jewelry.

Most famous of which are Le Coller Bleu de Reve by Graff, a magnificent pendant that features a briolette fancy vivid blue diamond with flawless clarity weighing 10.47 carats!

You can (and should) also see the video of it:

But this is nothing compared to her majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee – her necklace features a massive 75 carat briolette diamond!

Back to Bond’s pink diamond… Sotheby’s estimated the gorgeous diamond at an honorable $1,165,000-$2,330,000. Imagine their surprise (and Connery’s smile) when it was sold for twice that – $4,044,162.

Three things may have been the cause of it – First, the tremendous increase in prices of natural pink diamonds over the past few years. The second may have to do with the fact that the Blue Moon Diamond – contender to becoming the world’s most expensive diamond also waited to be auction during the same auction and may have brought a lot of very wealthy people to the auction. The third but not least is… luck!

Which one do you think helped them most?